Month: November 2019

How a Fraud Expert Fell for a Fraud Scam

By PJ Rohall / Nov 15, 2019

The below article was written by Coby Montoya, Director, Risk Strategy at Deep Labs. Coby does an amazing job detailing his personal experience with a…

Apruvd CTO & COO Corwin Cole on the Pulse of Online Fraud

By Mike Russell / Nov 13, 2019

Corwin Cole built and maintains the backbone of Apruvd’s REST API and web app. He credits a background in statistics and finance for his successful…

DataVisor CEO Yinglian Xie on the Democratization of Online Fraud Prevention

By Mike Russell / Nov 6, 2019

Yinglian Xie co-founded DataVisor in 2013 after establishing a reputation as a highly regarded researcher, author, and conference contributor. Yinglian has over 10 years of…