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TMT’s suite of products provide customers with the fastest and most comprehensive network, device and numbering data on the market today, used by leading businesses globally to improve customer engagement, prevent fraud and authenticate users globally.

Location:London, UK
Founded: 2016

Fraud Solution Profile

TMT is a leading provider of information and intelligence on mobile numbers and devices globally. Our products and services are used billions of times every month to verify identity, prevent fraud as well as authenticate customers based on their mobile number and telephony account.

Our authoritative data also provides protection against various telephony frauds, including flash calls, OBR fraud, IRSF, Wangiri scams, and more.

Verify is a powerful suite of mobile phone number verifications APIs, offering a range of mobile intelligence data attributes centred around a customer’s mobile telephone number. Through our validation checks mobile data can help you to confirm a customer’s identity, the authenticity of the mobile phone number provided and identify when suspicious activity, such as account takeover, might have taken place.

Verify blends together several authoritative data sources, including data directly from the Mobile Network Operators, to offer the most comprehensive possible answers to your questions. All whilst adding little or no friction to your end-user experience and overall customer journey. This allows you to check a mobile number for fraud in less than a second, within your existing customer onboarding process and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks.

TeleShield™ provides standard and enhanced information on number allocation, aiding in the identification of invalid calling numbers and protecting against financial losses incurred through surcharges. For instance, Origin Based Rating (OBR) Fraud involves the replacement of originating numbers with false ones to secure a cheaper call termination rate. TeleShield™ identifies invalid calling numbers, preventing surcharges or enabling companies to pass surcharges to call originators if fraud is detected post-call processing.

Verify, can be used to verify identity, enhance KYC, and prevent fraud. It ensures real-time confirmation of device, identity, SIM ID, and mobile calling behaviours, preventing SIM-swap fraud, account takeover and Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud attempts. Our advanced checks verify the absence of call forwarding settings and check for number porting, making it challenging for fraudsters to exploit customers.

Our APIs not only safeguard profitability but also uphold the quality reputation of companies by providing ultimate visibility into telephone number validity. Our comprehensive telephony fraud detection and defence system offers protection across various industries, such as retail, finance, messaging, gaming, and insurance, without compromising on user experience. Time and money savings are realised in the long term through the swift validation of real customers and the denial of access to fraudsters. In essence, excellent security with TMT is an investment, not a cost.


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Identidad Technologies
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Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
 Fraud Type
Call Center Fraud, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication