2023 Solution Providers Infographic.

We upped our game with our new Fraud and AML Solution Providers Infographic, breaking down all the solutions on our platform into categories that make sense. Download for free with newsletter signup.

fraud infographic
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The absence of problems doesn’t mean you can spend less on fraud prevention. Unfortunately, not everyone understands this, especially when budgets are being reviewed and the operational side of the house, more often than not, is asked to do more with less.


A robust search tool for fraud solution providers. Customize to match your needs.


A curated list of resources for fraud education, content and associations.


The latest articles and content about fraud prevention from a global perspective.

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2023 H2
Global Fraud conference calendar.

About-Fraud is delighted to compile the latest and greatest fraud fighting conferences across the globe. We saw a gap in the market for a resource that aggregates events, therefore we filled it.

Fraud Insight for a Global Community

About-Fraud delivers unbiased, expert knowledge on technology and trends to a global community of fraud-fighting professionals.


A select list of global fraud solution providers. Customize your search.

A curated list of fraud consultants, training and certifications, and degrees.


Educate yourself with thought leadership and trending content.


Find fraud conferences with our events calendar and booklet.


Browse business opportunities for specific fraud professionals.

Stay ahead of best practices, the technology curve, and fraudsters.