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Vesta is a fintech pioneer in fraud protection and guaranteed payment technologies, helping online merchants optimize revenue by eliminating the fear of fraud. We enable companies to grow by focusing on revenue rather than risk, delivering secure transactions that maximize acceptance and customer experience – backed by our zero-fraud-liability guarantee.

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Location:Lake Oswego, OR, United States
Founded: 1995

Fraud Solution Profile

At Vesta, our one simple goal is to allow our partners to increase revenue by eliminating the fear of fraud.

Our promise: Every approved transaction is covered by Vesta’s 100% fraud chargeback guarantee. If we’re wrong, the fraud is on us. We eliminate the fear and, most importantly, the cost of fraud—all with zero risk and zero liability for you and your business.

Our technology: For over 20 years Vesta has led the way in combatting fraud with our proprietary and patented solutions using machine learning, real-time fraud analytics, and deep link analysis. Automated refresh of machine learning models and use of advanced fraud strategies such as “Silent Pending” and “3D Secure” ensures that each merchant using our solution will have the highest level of transaction acceptance. Our customers enjoy an 80-97% transaction approval rate depending on industry. And is typically 3% higher than our competitors. We have repeatedly demonstrated growth in online store volumes, remittance business, and eCommerce retailers, all of which contributes to a 96% client retention rate. We are also the only guarantee player that provides indemnification on eChecks.


Zero Fraud. Guaranteed. Period.

Our Products

Payment Guarantee
Backed by our 100% no-chargeback due to fraud promise, Payment Guarantee is a managed service that leverages our best-in-class machine learning and analytics to pinpoint and isolate fraud while maximizing approved transactions. Payment Guarantee supports online merchants seeking a proven solution to risk-free revenue growth, including telcos, airlines, marketplaces, money transfer, payment enablers, and all sectors of e-commerce.

Payment Protect
Payment Protect delivers a risk assessment score for all transactions, allowing you to protect payments from fraud and raise approval rates. Powered by our advanced machine learning intelligence, deep link analysis, and unmatched consortium data, Payment Protect empowers you with the insight to accurately filter fraud from your online transaction system and focus on growing revenue. This solution supports e-commerce, telco, and fintech stakeholders ready to embrace the latest in AI, machine learning, and automated decisioning. Payment Protect is ideal for digital banks, challenger banks, e-wallet providers, prepaid platforms, digital marketplaces, money transfer services, payment enablers, and all sectors of e-commerce.


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