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Trulioo is the leading global identity verification company, building trust online so that businesses and consumers can transact safely and securely. Trulioo’s platform provides real-time identity verification of 5 billion consumers and 330 million business entities worldwide to help organizations meet compliance and automate due diligence and fraud prevention workflows.

Location:Vancouver, BC, Canada
Founded: 2011

Fraud Solution Profile

Trulioo is a global identity and business verification company that provides secure access to over 400 data sources worldwide to instantly verify consumers and business entities online.

These data sources include mobile network operators (MNOs), international watchlists, credit bureaus, governments and more. Trulioo offers holistic digital identity services for individuals and businesses that’s secure, accurate and reliable.

As an online identity and business verification solution, Trulioo Global Gateway is the global identity verification marketplace playing a pivotal role in helping organizations comply with evolving domestic and international regulations. Through a single API integration, businesses leverage Global Gateway to help meet compliance requirements for cross-border Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, along with a diverse range of international Customer Due Diligence (CDD) processes, including Know Your Business (KYB), risk mitigation and fraud prevention. The coverage provided by Global Gateway is unmatched in the industry. You can instantly verify 5 billion people and 330 million companies across more than 195 countries — all through one simple integration.

The company’s mission is to solve challenges associated with verifying identities by powering fraud prevention and compliance systems in an effort to increase trust and safety online.

For over a decade Trulioo has worked with hundreds of companies across the globe to help them overcome regulatory hurdles and identity verification challenges. We have developed the expertise and experience needed to be the authority on best practices for identity verification. From addressing your unique needs to providing a dedicated Customer Success team to help you streamline your identity verification program, we’re here to help. Here’s more on how Trulioo Global Gateway and our multi-layered identity verification approach are the perfect choice for your business needs:

Identity Verification

  • International IDV for 80+ countries through one integration
  • Access to active data from mobile network operators
  • Multiple integration options and competitive pricing
  • AML/KYC identity verification
  • On-demand IDV from over 400 data sources
  • Connect your customer’s identity to their mobile device through Identity MFA

ID Document Verification

  • Over 4000 different identity documents in more than 200 countries
  • Global AML watchlist checking
  • ID Document Verification for nearly every country in the world
  • Assist in AML/KYC compliance and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Global IDV, ID Document Verification and AML screening through a single integration

Business Verification

  • 330 million companies in over 195 countries
  • 180+ government registers and public records
  • 100% market coverage of all-sized entities
  • Official company documents from government registers


  • Add an extra layer of trust to enhance your identity verification
  • Verify 1.8 billion mobile users across major markets
  • Reduce risk of fraud
  • Connect your customer’s identity to their mobile device through an OTP service
  • Access data provided by dozens of the world’s largest MNOs
  • Combine network carrier data with existing KYC-compliant sources
  • Access and validate hard-to-reach consumers




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Ecommerce, Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Authentication
 Fraud Type
KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication