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ML-based fraud prevention company that enables ecommerce merchants and financial institutions to holistically understand their end-users, also referred to as Know Your Users (KYU). With the proprietary online user profiling and AI-powered tools, Nethone can block all risky users without friction to the good ones. Try the solution in action:

Location:Warsaw, Poland
Founded: 2016

Fraud Solution Profile

Nethone has introduced on the market a modular Know Your User™ solution, enabling all online businesses to thrive without risk-related friction across channels, and is successfully addressing a wide spectrum of fraud types, such as:

  • bot attacks, 
  • ATO, 
  • CNP fraud, or 
  • chargeback fraud, 

while providing financial services companies and merchants with real-time actionable recommendations. 

Your competitive advantage with us is driven by advanced monitoring and blocking techniques to safeguard websites and mobile apps against over 100 types of fraud risks, a fully customizable interface allowing you to pay only for what you need, a transparent decision engine, explaining the logic behind recommendations and giving you control over ML models and rules to meet their specific requirements. Additionally, we have access to Darknet intelligence, which allows us to proactively alert our clients if they are being targeted by fraudsters or if any fraudulent activity is detected. 

As part of Advent International’s investment, Nethone joined forces with Mangopay, a pan-European provider of platform payment & wallet infrastructure, to offer enhanced anti-fraud capabilities catered to marketplaces and platforms. 

Nethone Guard is the proprietary machine-learning based product designed to protect the entire user journey, from onboarding to post-payment.

Learn how to achieve maximum protection and conversion at every step of the user journey. 

From the moment your users enter your website up to the post-payment stage, Nethone modularised Know Your User approach operates seamlessly across both browsers and apps, addressing multiple types of fraud with no harm to the user experience. 

Check out the explanatory video, where Nethone walks you through the fraud prevention process powered by a unique profiling solution, advanced blocking techniques, and customizable ML models to your requirements, along with a transparent decision engine to give you actionable recommendations on whether to accept or reject your users.



Raiffeisen Digital Bank

Ecommerce, Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning, Rules Engine