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Whois XML API provides comprehensive set of real-time and historic Whois, Domain name and DNS Data in structure format (XML and JSON) to cyber-security and fraud-detection industries. It provides Data solutions, APIs and fundamental research tools to cybersecurity industry.

Location:Los Angeles, CA, United States
Founded: 2010

Fraud Solution Profile

Payment processors and Banks can safeguard themselves against Transaction Fraud with the help of accurate and comprehensive data. Domain Whois data is one of the most crucial information in detecting Fraud. Understanding the importance and need for this, we have developed a comprehensive data solution package which is exclusively designed for maximum amount of real-time and historic data coverage with tools for fast, thorough, and insightful research.

Practical Uses:

  • Detecting credit card Fraud by flagging users with a malicious email id.
  • Real-time and historic Whois and DNS data points can help flag payment Fraud.
  • Identify malicious websites using various parsed Whois data attributes.
  • Discover all connected domains, websites and IP addresses associated with an instance or a perpetrator of fraudulent activity.
  • Enable threat intelligence platform/investigations.
  • Cross-reference domain names in the Whois database with other useful DNS data points.
  • Investigate spam, Fraud, intrusions, and other online misbehaviors.
  • Determine geographical location of users.
  • Research Whois data to gain insight.

Further Information:

Fraud Detection: https://www.whoisxmlapi.com/frauddetection-solution.php

Cyber Security: https://www.whoisxmlapi.com/cybersecurity-data-solution.php


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