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HQ: London, United Kingdom

Founded: 2011

Web Shield is a leading on-boarding, underwriting and monitoring solution provider. Our highly precise investigation tools deliver the information that acquiring banks, payment service providers and other actors in the payment space need to make informed decisions about prospective clients and alert them when existing ones behave suscpiciously.

Fraud Solution Profile

The Problem with Payments…

The payment ecosystem is under permanent threat of abuse by bad actors peddling illegal goods or fraudulent services. Acquiring banks and payment service providers are the gatekeepers of this space, as their risk, compliance and underwriting departments decide which merchants they grant credit card acceptance. If they ignore this responsibility, they leave themselves open to painful fees from credit card associations and regulators.

…And How to Solve It

To counter bad actors, Web Shield is working to make on-boarding and monitoring merchants and their websites as efficient as possible. Our InvestiGate On-Boarding solution bundles various investigative modules in a single platform for maximum usability and by doing so, enables teams to operate faster and more effective. The moment you enter a merchant’s data, our research engine marks all the important red flags. Sophisticated mirroring techniques ensure you get results in no more than seven minutes.

Even InvestiGate’s basic modules go far beyond the mere keyword flagging of similar solutions:

  • Portfolio Cross-Check reveals previously unknown relationships between entities,
  • Virtual Address Detection indicates if a merchant has a physical presence at the indicated address,
  • Underwriting Checklist gives tips for underwriting effectively,
  • Business Classification lets you integrate business-related recommendations into your underwriting,
  • Website Auto-Compliance scores the merchant’s website for compliance with best practices,
  • Audit Trail automatically documents the underwriting process.
  • SiteAlert notifies you about any hit on our crowdsourced warning list, and
  • License Verification matches the merchant’s name against associated whitelists.

Every merchant has a unique profile. With InvestiGate’s optional modules, underwriters can adapt investigations to their organisation’s requirements – for a truly risk-based approach:

  • Transaction Laundering Detection uncovers previously unknown merchant websites potentially used for transaction laundering.
  • Historical Website Data lets your review historical data.
  • Document Service independently verifies corporate documents and ownership information.
  • Credit Risk Exposure Manager calculates the default risk and suggests collaterals.
  • Merchant Location Determination locates the principal place of business of a merchant and verify if it matches your licensing area.
  • Web Shield Case Service gets you a false positive cleared or completely serviced case file.
  • Member Area Crawling screens restricted member areas for content violations.

What’s more: many third-party services are directly available through InvestiGate. It spots a growing list of accessible sanction list providers, credit bureaus and identity verification services.

Keep Your Portfolio Safe in the Long Run

Once you on-board a merchant, PULSE takes over. Like InvestiGate, this modular monitoring solution offers several options:

  • Content Violations: Find content violations according to credit card association rules.
  • Website Compliance: Keep up with changes on an entity’s website like the name, address or website status.
  • MCC Detect: Automatically identify a website’s Merchant Category Code.
  • Reputation Scan: Review new customer complaints, criminal charges, fraud warnings and negative news.
  • Transaction Laundering: Identify unknown websites in need of registration or prone to transaction laundering.
  • Deceptive Traffic Detection: Check website traffic for deceptive marketing practices.

Besides, Web Shield also supports the growth of risk professionals community through training programs at Web Shield Academy, and the RiskConnectConference.


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