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Is the global leader in geolocation and IP Intelligence data.  We help clients break down online anonymity barriers to provide strong authentication of user identity —  without violating user privacy.

Location:Atlanta, GA, United States
Founded: 1999

Fraud Solution Profile

Digital Element’s NetAcuity® geolocation and IP Intelligence technology is recognised as the gold standard in the industry. It accurately and non-invasively identifies the location of website visitors down to a ZIP and postcode level worldwide in real time and identifies the use and type of proxied IP addresses. Acting as a first line of defence against online Fraud, NetAcuity uses a customer’s unique identifier – an IP address – to uncover information including location, the use of anonymous proxies, domain name and other identifying attributes referred to as “IP Intelligence.” Because NetAcuity relies on IP-based connections to return information, it is an ideal fraud-prevention tool that works invisibly across multiple screens, without interfering with the online experience. By adding an additional layer of protection to validate or verify user location, NetAcuity is a key component of mission-critical fraud prevention, compliance and security applications.

Our industry-leading solutions help our clients in a number of ways, allowing them to:

Balance Risk Management

  • Leverage geolocation information to determine which transactions to review and which to allow, creating a balance between blocking legitimate customers and decreasing losses from fraud.

Shore Up Fraud Controls

  • Leverage real-time user information to strengthen identity verification, such as flagging account access from unusual or high-fraud areas.

Detect Proxies

  • Identify access from proxies, which are notorious for allowing users to remain anonymous and avoid detection – a major red flag in online fraud detection and prevention. Further intelligence on the type of proxy used helps to intelligently avoid false positives.

Strengthen Digital Profiles

  • Expand user profiles by adding IP Intelligence-based attributes that allow detection of out-of-the-ordinary access and transactions based on normal user patterns.

Reinforce the Customer Experience

  • Simplify and make the customer authentication process more efficient while remaining invisible to end users and respecting their anonymity.

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