Pindrop® lets people use their voice to seamlessly connect to, enter and unlock new experiences while safeguarding their privacy. Using its patented precise voice identification technology, Pindrop is leading the way to the future of voice by establishing the standard for identity, security, and intelligence for voice interactions. Protecting some of the world’s biggest banks, insurers and retailers.

Location:Atlanta, GA, United States
Founded: 2011

Fraud Solution Profile

Protect is an AI-powered end-to-end multifactor fraud detection system that detects fraud real-time during every inbound call, passively detects suspicious activity and predicts future cross-channel fraud. Protect combines patented IVR fraud detection, risk-based scoring, and behavioral analytics to determine if a caller exhibits anomalies that indicate a high-risk call, compromised account, and or fraudulent reconnaissance. Protect leverages the whole call, looking at non-monetary transactions and identifying accessed accounts to derive individual call and account risk scores.

Open new worlds with just a few words 
Say goodbye to archaic security questions. When it comes to authentication, all your customers need is the one thing that can never be lost, forgotten or faked: their voice. Pindrop helps people use their voice to quickly and privately connect to, enter, and unlock their world.

Call Centre
Pindrop combines best-in-class audio, voice, and AI technologies with a comprehensive risk database to provide added protection across the phone channel — authenticating customers and offering businesses a faster and more personalized contact centre experience.

Mobile App Voice ID + Security
Log-in credentials and personalization have never been more human. We give your customers an easy and intuitive way to safely access the applications they care about most.
IoT + Consumer Devices
A car that only unlocks for its owner. The perfect playlist. Thanks to their voice, your customers’ smart devices just got more intelligent with frictionless personalization and security to form a superior user experience.

Information available upon request

Ecommerce, Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Authentication
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Call Center Fraud, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication