RISK IDENT is a software development company that offers anti-fraud solutions to companies within the e-commerce, telecommunication and financial sector. We are experts in data analytics and machine learning. Our key products are FRIDA Fraud Manager and DEVICE IDENT Device Fingerprinting. Use cases include payment fraud, account takeovers, fraud within account, and loan applications.

Location:Hamburg, Germany
Founded: 2012

Fraud Solution Profile

What we do: 

Our intelligent software products detect online fraud through an automated evaluation and interpretation of data points. We deliver results in real time and enable you to stop fraudulent attacks before the damage is done. Multi-award winning. Reliable data security. Made in Germany.

Advantage at a Glance

  • Results in Real Time
    The challenge in fraud prevention is to network and evaluate all relevant data points at a high processing speed. This is exactly what we deliver: scoring in real time.
  • To You or to Me?
    We can host and operate our fraud prevention software for you in our secure environment or we can put it “in your yard” so your personal data remains in your data centers.
  • Privacy Made in Germany
    Serious handling of data in strict compliance with European regulations is the backbone of our company. Our servers are located in Hamburg and we process all data exclusively in Germany. Naturally DSGVO-compliant.

Our Solutions

Fraudsters put a lot of energy into finding gaps in companies’ fraud prevention methods. They use all available tools to conceal their identity, such as VPNs and software to simulate devices. In order to detect all of these tricks, we continuously work on our software and analyze data and fraud patterns. This enables us to close security gaps and minimize the damage caused by new types of fraud patterns. Our goal: to always be technically one step ahead of the fraudsters.

Our Products:

    • Identifies devices through unique characteristics. 
    • Compares devices to Risk Ident’s global pool of fraudulent transactions/devices.
    • Allocates a risk score to devices based on the fraudulent characteristics.
    • Push email and API access to device assessment in real time.
    • Easy and quick integration.
    • Combines traditional rule sets with machine learning to create a complete, self-learning fraud analysis platform.
    • Includes all components of Device Ident, while taking into account other transactional components.
    • Analyses patterns between transactions and performs linkage analysis – looking at factors such as geo proximity of transactions and the time of transactional occurrence.
    • For each transaction, we specifically label the type of fraud that is present and allocate a risk score.
    • Intuitive user interface that updates in real-time as orders are placed.
    • On-premise or off-premise installation available.
    • Tailored to perform in the unique environment of each client.

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Ecommerce, Financial Services, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine