Insurance Fraud & Ad Fraud

We tend to spend a good portion of time focusing on fraud that impacts financial...

Top Eight Reasons People Live a Life of Fraud


Study on the Continued Use of the Term “Fraudster”


The Importance of Manual Review

In the last decade, the fraud detection and identity verification space have rallied around usage...

Regular Analytics v. Graph Analytics when Combatting Fraud

Financial services organizations are both powerful and vulnerable. As a result, they are often a...
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Machine Learning in AML & Fraud Prevention

What is the reality when the sales pitch is over? Detecting and preventing fraud or...
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How to Select Your Fraud Solution Provider

Fraud is an extremely large challenge for eCommerce merchants. According to Juniper Research, eCommerce fraud...
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Beyond KYC: Know Your Business & UBO

Knowing your customer and the ultimate beneficial owners (UBO), who own and control a business,...