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Fraud Thoughts (Part I)

Inaugural Edition Welcome to the inaugural edition of Fraud Thoughts - where I will share insights with you from my day-to-day experience across a multitude of fraud topics such as fraud management leading practices, hot issues (like GenAI, and whatever is next!) and cover top fraud stories and trends from across the...
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Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q3 2023

Q3 is a wrap! It's time for our quarterly investment update. Dive in to discover the latest funding and acquisitions in the fraud/risk space! Funding Spycloud SpyCloud, a leading identity analytics company specializing in safeguarding digital identities, has successfully closed a $110 million growth round backed by Riverwood Capital, a global investor...
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Prepare for Emerging Identity Fraud Schemes and What to Do Next

Identity fraud looms large for every organization. The algorithms and machine learning methods we used to combat fraud are the same types of tools fraudsters can easily deploy. Combined with nefarious, automated bots, cybercriminals are employing sophisticated identity fraud schemes to gain access to consumer accounts or directly create fraudulent accounts with...
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AI and Fraud Prevention: Part 4

Mapping the Maze: Integrating AI and Machine Learning into Your Fraud Defence Strategy It is an interdependent partnership. Integrating AI enhanced machine learning (ML) into your existing fraud solutions may feel as complex as constructing a radio from scratch. However, understanding the process can guide you through this integration as smoothly as...
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AI and Fraud Prevention: Part 3

How do we crack the conmen’s code: Harnessing the Predictive Power of AI and Machine Learning We need to find the signals that are meaningful.    As fraud fighters, we often find ourselves in the role of radio operators. Our main task? To decipher complex patterns - our 'signals' - hidden within the...
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AI and Fraud Prevention: Part 2

What is it about AI that can cut through the fog of complex fraud prevention? It “sees” specific bad behavioral patterns more clearly than traditional methods. To many fraud fighters, the promises of technology can often feel like an echo in a cavern—loud, persistent, but hollow. And among these echoes, AI-Enhanced machine...
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AI and Fraud Prevention: Part I

Sharing knowledge is a two-way street. I advise and equally I like to learn. With all the fuss about AI I wanted to know more about its potential for counter-fraud, so I tracked down a recommended AI Subject Matter Expert specialist to ask him some questions. He asked me about fraud and...
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Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q2 2023

Q2 has come to a close, so it’s time for our quarterly investment update. Have a read to learn more about the relevant moves in the industry! Funding Secure digital identity network has raised $132m in its Series D funding round and appointed Samantha Greenberg as its new chief financial...
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Fraud Fight Club

What do you get when you combine a passionate community of fraud fighters with a boxing ring and loads of knowledge and energy… Fraud Fight Club. Fraud Fight Club was designed to be more than a conference. It’s a club. It’s your best fraud fighting pals (you know and don’t know) descending...
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