Winning Strategies to Combat Gift Card Fraud

By Ronald Praetsch / Oct 19, 2020

As we approach another holiday shopping season, merchants are filled with a mix of optimism and dread when they consider gift cards. Although gift cards…

Synthetic IDs: To Stop Them, Know How to Build Them

By Kevin Danford / Dec 11, 2019

This is part two of our series on Synthetic ID’s. For part one: check out Intro to Synthetic ID’s From a Former FBI Fraud Fighter …

How a Fraud Expert Fell for a Fraud Scam

By PJ Rohall / Nov 15, 2019

The below article was written by Coby Montoya, Director, Risk Strategy at Deep Labs. Coby does an amazing job detailing his personal experience with a…

Sharing lightens the fraud burden for FIs

By Ronen Shnidman / Sep 5, 2019

Financial institutions (FIs) are focused on delivering a smooth customer experience (CX) that enables legitimate users to interact quickly, yet securely. According to a recent Aite…