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Squid Game

BNPL Games

By PJ Rohall / Jan 13, 2022

Squid Game captivated audiences across the globe in September of 2021. Let’s set aside the graphic violence, the premise of economic inequality and crippling debt…

The Cat’s Outta The Bag – 10 Fraud Predictions for 2022

By Frank McKenna / Jan 5, 2022

[This article originally published on Frank on Fraud, January 1, 2022] The cat is out of the bag. And you can’t put the cat back…

Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q4 2021

By Kajol Godhania / Dec 13, 2021

We wrote articles earlier this year detailing the huge investment and acquisitions within the identity, fraud and AML space. Q4 of 2021 is no different,…

Crystal Blockchain Report:

By Crystal Analytical Team / Dec 10, 2021

$12.1 billion worth of crypto-assets stolen since 2011 Crystal Blockchain, a globally distributed team of world-class blockchain analysts, has released its bi-annual report Crypto &…


X-raying Cybercriminals:

By Hubert Rachwalski / Oct 28, 2021

What can you see using Machine Learning Fraud Prevention Models? Preventing online payment fraud is a continually evolving challenge. A shift from rule based systems…


Scammers Are Winning

By Jorij Abraham / Oct 27, 2021

€ 41.3 ($ 47.8) Billion lost in Scams in 2020, up 15%Law enforcement worldwide received 266 million reports from scam victims In ScamAdviser’s 3rd Global State of Scams Report, 42 countries were analyzed…


Putting Breach Data to Work in Fraud Prevention

By Pattie Dillon / Sep 22, 2021

A common misconception is that since everyone has been exposed in data breaches, the battle against identity theft and fraud has already been lost. It’s…


How Covid-19 Can Drive Safe Digital Insurance Transformation

By Christian van Leeuwen / Sep 7, 2021

Almost 20 percent of insurance claims contain an element of fraud, according to our Insurance Fraud Report 2020 of insurers from 52 countries. That’s a high number.…


Groundbreaking Survey Will Delve into What Front-line Fraud Fighters Are Feeling and Facing

By Jack Sundstrom / Sep 2, 2021

About-Fraud, a global community for fraud fighters, has partnered with ID Insight on a groundbreaking research project designed to better understand the roles, motivations, and…


How a Car Wrap Scam Works

By Brad Haacke / Aug 27, 2021