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Into the Unknown – Top 10 Fraud Predictions for 2021

By Frank McKenna / Jan 13, 2021

The past is our lesson. The future is what we do with it. Maybe 2020 is a year that you don’t want to remember, but…

Gig Economy Fraud: The Hidden Threat of the 2020 Holiday Season

By Uri Arad / Dec 29, 2020

The end of the year is always a particularly busy and often stressful period for fraud fighters, and this year that’s more pronounced than ever.…

Preventing Fraud with Real-Time Data Sources

By Rob Daline / Oct 21, 2020

Reviewing a digital order with limited data, is like reviewing a partial signature for potential forgeries. For example: choose the true partial signature of John…


Winning Strategies to Combat Gift Card Fraud

By Ronald Praetsch / Oct 19, 2020

As we approach another holiday shopping season, merchants are filled with a mix of optimism and dread when they consider gift cards. Although gift cards…

The Field is Set: About-Fraud Zero’s in on Top Fraud Prevention Start-ups

By Ronald Praetsch / Oct 14, 2020

We’re delighted to present the 10 companies that qualified for our inaugural Fraud Fighter 2.0 program! This article is meant to provide you with a…

Fraud in Times of Social Disruption

By Simon Marchand / Aug 31, 2020

80% of Certified Fraud Examiners say fraud levels rise in times of economic distress.[1] While the covid-19 situation is still ongoing, we can already see the…

Fraud-Fighter 2.0: Looking for the Next Big Fraud Prevention Startup

By Darren McCarroll / Jul 30, 2020

One of the reasons we started About-Fraud was to make sense of the many different fraud solutions emerging in the market. In that spirit, we’re…

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How to Secure Business from Account Takeover Fraud

By Pavel Gnatenko / Jul 28, 2020

The massive security breach in Twitter forced businesses and individuals to review their account takeover prevention methods and security measures. On Wednesday, July 15, about…

Not the Time to Decline

By Jacob Hecht / Jul 23, 2020

 Covid-19’s effect on Digital Gaming and E-Gifting and the rise of PayPal fraud The new reality everyone around the globe is getting accustomed to in…

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Reduce Fraud Losses and Improve Customer Experience by Optimizing Your Fraud Rules

By Brian Pozza / Jul 21, 2020

As fraud losses continue to rise institutions respond by layering more fraud strategy rules and controls.  Soon they end up with hundreds of fraud rules…