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Email: The Weapon Against Identity Fraud

About 4.5% of U.S., or 15 million Americans, were victims of identity fraud in 2021 and 33% of Americans have experienced identity theft according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chances are, you or one of your customers has become a victim of this epidemic. All too often, we see news stories...
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Fakers Gonna Fake: How to Detect and Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud

Confirming the identity of an existing account holder or for a new account opening is an expensive responsibility looming over the financial sector. Without proper oversight and controls, it results in massive losses, regulatory fines, and the threat of reputational damage. As fraudsters become increasingly savvy and their attacks become more sophisticated,...
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Digital Footprinting: An Effective Way to Stay a Step Ahead of Fraudsters

Committing online fraud – or at least attempting it – is shockingly easy. Most tech-savvy people, if they were minded to, could learn the basics and take steps towards becoming a criminal mastermind.  All it takes is to install a Tor browser, head to the dark web, and purchase a dump of...
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