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The Field is Set: About-Fraud Zero’s in on Top Fraud Prevention Start-ups

We’re delighted to present the 10 companies that qualified for our inaugural Fraud Fighter 2.0 program! This article is meant to provide you with a high level overview of each of the start-ups.


HQ Location: Paris, France

Target Industry: Banks and Financial Institutions

Solution Overview:

Using the latest advances in Machine Learning (ML) and Behavioural Analytics, Bleckwen’s solution analyses and detects any suspicious activities in financial transactions, at the granular level, in real-time, 24*7*365, regardless of the channel being used. Designed for banks with banks, our solution helps anti-fraud teams to focus on what is important, to reduce false positive, customer friction and costs of financial crime detection. Our white box approach enables them to shorten the time to manage alerts and to comply with increasing regulatory requirements. 

Bleckwen is a French fintech based in Paris with 25 people. The company has already won 2 major customers, including a tier-1 global bank. Bleckwen awarded 2019 EBA Day Fintech of the year and get the Finance Innovation certification in France, based on the innovation and dynamic nature of its fraud detection solution. 

URL: https://bleckwen.ai/

Interview with David Christie, CEO at BleckwenLINK

Breach Clarity – Interview

HQ Location: Walnut Creek, California, United States

Target Industry: Financial Services

Solution Overview:

Breach Clarity Premium is the first and only solution to use identity-holders’ unique breach histories to ascertain identity and account-related risks and prescribe actions for reducing fraud losses and strengthening financial health. Created from the founders’ experience leading Javelin Strategy & Research and as expert witnesses on the nation’s largest data breaches, Breach Clarity reduces customer friction, boosts digital migration, creates higher ROI from account controls, moves customer inquiries to digital self-service, and deepens high-value relationships.  

Identity holders have unique breach histories and exposures of sensitive data, and Breach Clarity Premium uniquely uses both to predict the risk of 12 possible identity crimes. Based on data about publicly-reported breaches and feeds from dark web providers, Breach Clarity’s 1,188-element AI-based algorithm instantly scores data breaches on a Richter Scale-like 1-10 score, ranking ID crime vulnerabilities, and prescribing action steps as a fully-integrated part of a financial institution’s digital banking experience.

URL: https://www.breachclarity.com/

Interview with  Al Pascual, Co-Founder & COO at Breach Clarity – LINK

Cyber Team SixInterview

HQ Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Target Industry: Financial Services, On-line Retail, Streaming, FinTech, Telecommunications, Gaming, Crypto Currency, Credit Card, On-line Transportation and Sports & Entertainment

Solution Overview:

The Fraud Risk Identifier (“FRI”) anti-fraud technology preempts fraud by devaluing the data and access stolen by hackers to be enable fraud. The FRI protects individual customers of companies compromised by cyber threats (malware, credential replay, phishing, data breached PII) using a fully automated solution.

The identified customers and attribution data are displayed in aggregate using business intelligence tools and graph representations for investigations. The FRI enables enterprises to take appropriate remediation steps to secure customer accounts before fraud occurs.

The FRI complements existing anti-fraud risk scoring technologies used to identify suspicious online sessions and transactions. It is the first anti- fraud solution in the market to model the known “bad” versus searching for anomalies from known “good.” The FRI provides threat specific labels enhancing AI fraud prevention tools, and it is the first solution to enable companies to holistically address cyber threats, techniques and protocols used to enable fraud.

URL: https://www.cyberteamsix.net/

Interview with Patrick Westerhaus, CEO at Cyber Team Six – LINK


HQ Location: Mountain View, California, United States

Target Industry: Financial Services, Fintech, Government

Solution Overview:

FortifID is a data authentication and privacy platform that uses concepts developed at MIT to verify, authenticate and detect fraud during consumer on-boarding without spreading the consumer’s personal data footprint.

URL: https://www.fortifid.com/

Interview with Anirban Basak, CEO and Co-Founder of FortifIDLINK


HQ Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Target Industry: Merchants, PSPs, Acquirers, Issuers, Processors

Solution Overview:

Fraudio is a Fintech startup based in Amsterdam that focuses on helping companies in the payment ecosystem to fight payment fraud and financial crime utilising artificial intelligence, machine learning, and multi-dataset network effects. Our mission is to connect merchants, payment service providers, merchant acquirers and card issuers of all sizes to a powerful centralized AI / smart brain that prevents, detects, and fights fraud in real-time, creating unrivalled value.

Fraudio boasts a proprietary plug & protect centralized artificial intelligence brain. This brain does not require costly configuration, facilitates easy integration and continually learns from all transactions. Fraudio sets no barrier to entry: our accessible solution is on a pay-per-use basis only.

URL: https://www.fraudio.com/

Interview with João Moura, CEO at FraudioLINK


HQ Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Target Industry: E-commerce retailers, Online Marketplaces, Sharing economy and Banks

Solution Overview:

Identiq is a completely anonymous identity verification network that allows its members to validate new users, by leveraging each others’ data, without sharing any customer data between themselves or with us.

Identiq is a providerless solution, enabling peer-to-peer collaboration. Legitimate users have real, rich history online – while they or some of their details may be new to one merchant, they will be familiar to and trusted by many more. Peer-to-peer networks enable companies to draw on the power of this shared knowledge to fight fraud more effectively and identify good users more accurately.

Companies can leverage the Identiq network to reduce false positives, increase approval rates, create a better user experience and guarantee absolute end-user privacy. They can even start validating data points that were challenging in the past, like credit card ownership. When no data is being shared, copied or transferred, new possibilities open up.

Identiq is compliant by default with legislation such as GDPR and CCPA, helping businesses to future-proof against legislative change.

URL: https://www.identiq.com/

About-Fraud interview with Shmuli Goldberg, CMO at IdentiqLINK


HQ Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Target Industry: Digital goods, E-gifting, Digital Gaming, Digital Wallets, Airlines and Ticketing

Solution Overview:

nSure is an AI-based fraud protection solution built for sellers of digital goods such as Egifts, Digital Games, and Airline tickets.

Backed by AXA (the #2 insurance company globally), nSure.ai is the only chargeback guarantee service designed to meet the unique challenges of fraud-attractive goods, helping retailers reduce decline rates (98% acceptance on average), increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction (no manual reviews). 

URL: https://www.nsureai.com/

About-Fraud interview with Alex Zeltcer, CEO & Co-Founder at nSure.ai – LINK


HQ Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Target Industry: Consumer and SMB (beneficial owner) new applications for credit and payments across retail banking, credit unions, credit card issuers, fintechs, auto finance, communications, and merchant acquirers in the U.S.

Solution Overview:

SentiLink has built the only comprehensive industry solution for stopping synthetic fraud. Our solutions are based on proprietary data, manual labeling by our Risk Operations team and a machine learning approach that drives our targeted output. SentiLink is the only vendor that categorizes synthetic fraud into 1st party and 3rd party. 1st party synthetic identities are created at the credit bureau when someone uses their own name and date of birth, but a Social Security number that doesn’t belong to them to apply for a loan. 3rd party synthetic identities are completely fabricated. This categorization enables risk teams to use optimal treatment strategies, reduce manual review times and automate the detection of synthetic identities with low false positive rate. SentiLink also detects other fraudulent tactics like “credit washing” and “piggybacking” that fraudsters deploy to strengthen their synthetic identities to appear more legitimate.

URL: https://www.sentilink.com

Interview with Naftali Harris, Co-Founder of SentiLink – LINK


HQ Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Target Industry: eCommerce, Fintech, Gaming

Solution Overview:

rZero is designed to help organizations mitigate risk without compromising customer experience. Machine-learning bot-swarming technology forms its decision by converging on the threat vector and applying its combined risk evaluation power to confidently predict outcomes. Challenges we solve include:

Transaction Payment Fraud
Using rZero‘s core strength lies in its ability to stop Transaction Payment Fraud and limit exposure for your organization, preventing revenue loss and protecting growth.

Fake Accounts
Identifying and blocking fake accounts from being created with our device fingerprinting technology is a foundational aspect of how rZero can protect an enterprise from unwanted access and protect our customers from fraudulent access and loss.

Trust & Safety for Mobile Apps
rZero was built for mobile and its bot-swarming algorithms will keep your app and your customers safe and engaged without putting information at risk.

Edge Defense
Protecting the perimeter of an organization from bots and fraudsters and keeping the network clear from congestion due to large scale attacks, allowing consumers to shop and interact with ease and speed.

URL: https://rzero.co/

Interview with Jay Klauminzer, CEO at rZeroLINK

Trust SwiftlyINTERVIEW

HQ Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States

Target Industry: Ecommerce

Solution Overview:

Trust Swiftly provides over 10 automated identity verifications that are secure and fast. No coding is required to get started with simple one-click enablement, and instant integrations are available with existing fraud tools.

We help businesses adaptively fight fraud by applying the right friction when needed. From Email, SMS, ID, Banking, Voice, 3D Secure, Geolocation, and more, you can be sure all checks are covered.

Our solution is customizable for multiple fraud scenarios and supports customer choice of privacy with complete business data ownership. Fraud analysts can also operate efficiently and accurately when using our solution to augment their review process. Trust Swiftly is the only solution to offer low-cost, comprehensive, and innovative verifications specifically adapted for eCommerce.

URL: https://trustswiftly.com/

Interview with Patrick Scanlan, Co-Founder at Trust SwiftlyLINK

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