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The About Fraud “Anti-Report”

Finally, a report that's easy to digest and has clear takeaways (hence, the "Anti-Report" ). We highlight the most relevant fraud use cases across a financial institution's customer journey, clearly explaining: The most important information about the use case: the problem, stats to know, KPIs to track, ways to solve the problem and general advice and Insight from thought leaders in the space, in a simple to understand format.



The FraudBenchmarking Report 2023

To satisfy our collective curiosity about fraud benchmarks, and provide fraud fighters
working for online companies with insights into how their own team’s performance compares to their peers. Fraudology encourages you to compare the results with your

own metrics to identify areas for improvement (either via processes, technology, and/or strategy), and to acknowledge where you may be outperforming your peers.


Unit 21

Fraud Fighters Manual

Through six engaging chapters, get insights from fraud prevention experts at renowned Fintechs like Brex, Mercury, and Lithic.

The Manual gives readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of professionals who deal with fraud on a daily basis.

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The State of Digital Identity 2023

Trust is fundamental to digital transactions, but it is a fragile commodity. If you cannot trust the identity of the person you are interacting with online, you cannot transact with them. In 2023, diminishing levels of trust between consumers and citizens, businesses, media and government is a growing problem.

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UK Finance

Half Year Fraud Update 2023

Over £1.2 billion was stolen through fraud in 2022, a reduction of eight per cent on 2021. The number of fraud cases across the UK was down four per cent to almost three million cases.

Given so much fraud is initiated from criminal activity taking place through online platforms and telecommunications UK Finance and its members have long called for far greater cross-sector action to tackle the problem at source.

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2023 Document Fraud Report

Document fraud has been around for centuries, but the methods used to create fraudulent documents have become more sophisticated over time. At Inscribe, we're processing millions of documents each month — which makes it possible for us to uncover new trends in how fraudsters are evolving their document manipulation techniques.



Fraudscape 2023

This report combines data from our National Fraud Database and the internal Fraud Database. along with intelligence provided by Cifas members, partners and law enforcement. In 2022, our members prevented more than £1.3bn of fraud losses through the use of the NFD but we know we can help prevent and detect even more fraud and financial crime by developing a better understanding of key threats and enablers – which is the main purpose of this report.



Global Fraud Report 2023

Each year, Cybersource and the Merchant Risk Council join forces to release the highly anticipated Global Fraud and Payments Report. Based on extensive research in key markets, this online fraud report offers valuable insight into the latest trends in payments technology and fraud.



2023 Visa Merchant Fraud Report

Based on insights from 27 billion+ global transactions worth $381B from our flagship fraud prevention solution Decision Manager, Visa has compiled our latest findings about fraud trends and AI automation.



Fraudster Dictionary

Fraudsters who specialize in online payment fraud have their own slang to communicate in the darknet realm. If your daily job requires a constant battle against them or your business is affected by online fraud, this publication is for you. Be one step ahead of fraudsters by learning their slang and operational techniques.