Market Trends in Fraud for 2022 and Beyond

This report examines recent trends in fraud losses, the driving forces behind those trends, and trends in how financial services firms are mobilizing to address these losses.

How to Reduce SCA Checkout Friction in eCommerce

Multi-factor authentication for transactions can cause eCommerce merchants a headache. Here is a free frictionless guide where you can learn how to reduce authentication friction caused by PSD2 SCA.

How Companies Can Make Customer Experiences Faster, Easier & More Secure with
Phone-Centric Identity

Phone-Centric Identity is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for fraud and risk executives tasked with the challenge of authenticating and verifying their company's customers without hindering the customer experience. This white paper dives into the core elements of Phone-Centric Identity and explains how top companies are leveraging it to advance their fraud mitigation strategies.

U.K. Finance
2021 Fraud The Facts

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges, as the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically transformed our everyday lives and lockdown restrictions significantly impacted on the economy. This report provides a comprehensive dive into fraud and scam statistics in the U.K., along with detailed mitigation efforts.

Report to the Nations

The ACFE released it's 11th edition of the largest global study on occupational fraud. Learn how fraud is committed and the most effective ways to detect it. Identify fraud losses at global, industry and organizational levels. Discover how organizations respond when occupational fraud has been identified. Compare your organization’s fraud risks by industry, region and size. Benchmark your anti-fraud efforts against similar organizations and against the most effective methods for reducing fraud losses.

Fraudster Dictionary

Fraudsters who specialize in online payment fraud have their own slang to communicate in the darknet realm. If your daily job requires a constant battle against them or your business is affected by online fraud, this publication is for you. Be one step ahead of fraudsters by learning their slang and operational techniques.


European Central Bank
Sixth Report on Card Fraud

This sixth oversight report on card fraud analyses developments in card payment fraud with a particular focus on the 2018 data, which is put into the context of a five-year period from 2014 to 2018. It is based on data reported by the card payment schemes in the euro area with a breakdown per Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) country. The report covers almost the entire card market.

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Defining Synthetic Fraud

Synthetic fraud is the fastest growing form of fraud in financial services. Unlike identity theft, synthetic fraud generally lacks a consumer victim who would recognize fraudulent activity associated with their identity. Financial institutions apply inconsistent nomenclature and disjointed detection mechanisms, resulting in wildly varying industry estimates of the size of the synthetic fraud problem. This white paper is designed to help provide insight and fuel ideas and debate as the industry moves toward developing a broadly adopted standard for certain fraud definitions.

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Anti-Fraud Playbook The Best Defence is a Good Offense

This playbook is intended to provide practical guidance for organizations looking to begin, advance, or benchmark their fraud risk management (FRM) programs against industry best practices. As such, this playbook includes key questions, checklists, and insights that will enhance your FRM program and ultimately facilitate proactive FRM at your organization.