Putting Breach Data to Work in Fraud Prevention

By Pattie Dillon / Sep 22, 2021

A common misconception is that since everyone has been exposed in data breaches, the battle against identity theft and fraud has already been lost. It’s…


How Covid-19 Can Drive Safe Digital Insurance Transformation

By Christian van Leeuwen / Sep 7, 2021

Almost 20 percent of insurance claims contain an element of fraud, according to our Insurance Fraud Report 2020 of insurers from 52 countries. That’s a high number.…


Groundbreaking Survey Will Delve into What Front-line Fraud Fighters Are Feeling and Facing

By Jack Sundstrom / Sep 2, 2021

About-Fraud, a global community for fraud fighters, has partnered with ID Insight on a groundbreaking research project designed to better understand the roles, motivations, and…


How a Car Wrap Scam Works

By Brad Haacke / Aug 27, 2021

Satirical Short-Hand Dictionary of Consumer Scams

By Brad Haacke / Aug 20, 2021

Insurance Fraud & Ad Fraud

By Kian Akhtar / Aug 17, 2021

We tend to spend a good portion of time focusing on fraud that impacts financial institutions and merchants. However, there are other industries suffering from…


Top Eight Reasons People Live a Life of Fraud

By Brad Haacke / Aug 13, 2021

Study on the Continued Use of the Term “Fraudster”

By Brad Haacke / Aug 6, 2021

The Importance of Manual Review

By Max Blumenfeld / Jul 21, 2021

In the last decade, the fraud detection and identity verification space have rallied around usage of Machine Learning.  One often overlooked component to make these…


Regular Analytics v. Graph Analytics when Combatting Fraud

By Todd Blaschka / Jul 4, 2021

Financial services organizations are both powerful and vulnerable. As a result, they are often a target for fraudsters and cybercriminals. Merchants and financial services organizations…