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Addressing the 3 Shortcomings of AVS

By Mike Russell / Jan 3, 2019

Address verification services (AVS) have fallen behind modern fraudsters’ tactics. To compensate, incorporate other fraud prevention solutions like identify fraud risk management, a chargeback management service or a full-service cloud platform.

Building FACT to Help Airlines Fight Fraud

By Floor Tunistra / Dec 6, 2018

The growth of online payments in the last two decades means that a vast amount of financial information, particularly payment card data, is stored on…

Book Review: How to Become a World Class Investigator

By Ronen Shnidman / Dec 5, 2018

“How to Become a World Class Investigator” is not a book that will appeal to every reader, but the topics it covers and the approach…

Putting the Brakes on Fraud When Selling Auto Parts Online

By Rafael Lourenco / Nov 15, 2018

The global automotive aftermarket business is growing fast, and it’s an increasingly appealing target for card-not-present (CNP) fraud. By 2023, the total value of the…

SIM Swap Fraud: Don’t Be Its Next Victim

By Richard De Vere / Nov 1, 2018

For many victims of SIM swap fraud, the first time they learn about the attack is in the hours after their life has been changed…

Containing E-commerce Risk in Merchant Underwriting

By Christian Chmiel / Oct 24, 2018

Risk and opportunity are intertwined – one cannot exist without the other. Consequently, the best performing companies are the best at managing risk. This is…

What Tools Help Manage Friendly Fraud?

By Corey Baggett / Oct 16, 2018

It’s always great when all-in-one solutions reduce the number of tools you need to get the job done. You want your business management tools to…

Online Fraud Prevention Requires End-to-End Application Integrity

By Giuseppe Nardiello / Oct 11, 2018

Online fraud is on the rise across all industries. For example, in 2017 banking trojans increased  77% year over year and the figures for 2018…

Aite Attracts Financial Fraud Fighters

By PJ Rohall / Oct 8, 2018

Aite’s Inaugural Financial Crime Forum kicked off in Charlotte a couple weeks ago. In attendance were representatives from some of the largest banks and credit…

Auto Lending Fraud: The Lies People Tell on Applications

By Frank McKenna / Oct 4, 2018

Financing a car is easy. You pick out your brand-new car. You walk into the finance manager’s office. You give your name, address, social security…