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Top 10 Fraud Fighting Podcasts

Consuming fraud fighting education can happen in many ways. One of the most enjoyable is a podcast. Throw it on as you commute to work, go for a run, or do anything where you can have a listen. Then you sit back and enjoy as you boost your fraud knowledge!

To make things easier, we compiled the top 10 fraud fighting podcasts out there. Note: These are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Fraudology

On the Fraudology podcast, long-time online fraud expert, Karisse Hendrick will dive into all areas of Fraudology from the perspective of a fraud-fighter. With guests ranging from former cybercriminals to fraud-fighters at Fortune 500 companies to law enforcement and others, you will no doubt be entertained, while learning a lot about fraud & other forms of abuse prevention!.

2. Angler Phish

Former US Most Wanted Cybercriminal turned Good Guy, Brett Johnson. AnglerPhish is filled with information you need to protect yourself from the type of person Brett used to be. Filled with information on cybercrime, fraud, scams, and the latest cybersecurity issues, as well as life experiences from the man who invented internet crime as we now know it. Enlightening, educational, and entertaining--The AnglerPhish Podcast with Brett Johnson (episodes 1 through 28 are the Brett Johnson Story).

3. Fraud Talk Podcast

Fraud Talk is the ACFE's monthly podcast. In these sessions, we break down case studies, talk with the industry's leading experts and give you more tools to spot, fight and prevent fraud.

4. The Fraud Boxer Podcast

What happens when fraud, accounting, and law enforcement combine? A podcast, of course! This bi-weekly podcast and blog is aimed to help fraud examiners and forensic accountants learn the techniques, tools, and ideas to be better fraud fighters.


5. Great Women in Fraud

Kelly is a former special agent turned investigator specializing in embezzlement and workplace dishonesty cases. Great Women in Fraud interviews outstanding fraud professionals so you can continue to move forward in your career. Origin stories, tips, resources are just some of the amazing fraud content you will hear each Tuesday.


6. Human Factor Security

A podcast about the human element in social engineering, security, infosec, business and beyond. Jenny Radcliffe talks to experts from a wide variety of disciplines which go to make up the skill set she uses.


7. IAFCI Present - The Protectors

The Protectors Podcast takes you inside the minds of criminals from around the world with leading experts and the investigators who put them behind bars.  Presented by the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI), and hosted by International President, Mike Carroll, and International VP, Mark Solomon.


8. State of Identity

Catch host Cameron D'Ambrosi is the identity industry's leading podcast discussing digital identity, technologies, and paradigms that are defining the world today.


9. Fraudsters

Fraudsters is an all-you-can-eat buffet of liars, cheaters, and scammers. We cover every flavor of fraud you can imagine from fake psychic hotlines to corporations cookin’ the books.

10. Oh my Fraud

"Oh My Fraud" is an irreverent podcast from CPA/comedian Greg Kyte and blogger/former CPA Caleb Newquist. The two come together to unpack their favorite frauds and explore the circumstances, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics involved.

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