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Cracking the Fraud ROI Maturity Curve: The Path to Sustainable Growth

Successful fraud prevention programs look different at every company. But there are certain markers of efficacy and maturity you can measure as you move up the ROI curve. Most companies see fraud prevention as an operational expense, which makes proving ROI at every stage of your fraud program’s growth essential. I'll break...
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How to Succeed at Chargeback Recovery

Chargebacks can be a harsh reality for merchants, whether they stem from fraud, merchant error, or, in many cases, false claims. While the former two may serve as valuable learning experiences, false claims challenge the very fabric of the chargeback process. In these instances, merchants have the potential for recovery, provided they...
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Phishing Attacks in B2B: Recognizing Deceptive Tactics

In the dynamic realm of B2B (Business-to-Business) interactions, phishing attacks are a serious and constant threat. They’re becoming more sophisticated and frequent and affect not only businesses but also individuals (clients). According to recent statistics, cybercriminals send around 3.4 billion phishing emails every day. Additionally, 83% of all companies across the globe...
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10 Books About the Biggest Business Scams of Our Time

Business scams have been the subject of numerous books. People have always been interested in reading about not only the success of businesses but also how scammers deceive them. Reading books about scams is an excellent opportunity for a young business to learn the secrets of scammers and prevent the emergence of...
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Fraud’s Dark Matter: The Universe of Scams Most of Us Never Know About

Ana was emaciated when she arrived at the Brazilian embassy in Cairo. An amateur volleyball player once upon a time in Sao Paulo, Ana's tall frame was bent from the hunger, fear and humiliation she had endured for weeks in a village outside of Beni Suef. Ana had come to Egypt for...
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