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NetGuardians offers AI-driven solutions for financial crime prevention in banks, monitoring payments and analyzing behavior to detect fraud and money laundering. We help financial institutions to protect their customers’ money, while reducing false alerts and operational costs.

Location:Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
Founded: 2011

Fraud Solution Profile

NetGuardians revolutionizes financial crime prevention with its AI-driven technology, offering a multifaceted approach that significantly boosts the protection of financial institutions and their customers. Our innovative solutions, which are currently enhancing fraud detection & prevention in over 100 financial institutions worldwide, have been proven to slash false positives by 85%, reduce operational costs by over 75%, and uncover new instances of fraud, setting new industry benchmarks.

What distinguishes NetGuardians is our commitment to a community-based approach. Our customers also become part of a community where they can benefit from the power of shared intelligence. With our Community Scoring & Intelligence solution, banks receive details of confirmed frauds, mules, high-risk accounts from the community. This allows banks to extend their threat coverage with consolidated external data, improve the effectiveness of their risk models, and detect fraud and money mules more accurately. In summary, we provide a comprehensive solution that helps financial institutions protect their customers’ money and reputation while saving operational costs.

Our ‘3D AI’ technology integrates unsupervised, supervised, and adaptive learning, establishing a dynamic, ever-improving fraud detection system. This robust framework is designed to adapt continually, ensuring that financial institutions stay ahead of the evolving tactics of cybercriminals. By distinguishing between legitimate transactions and fraudulent activity and fostering mutual growth between human expertise and machine learning, NetGuardians offers a protection level that evolves with the threat landscape.

NetGuardians presents four ready-to-deploy solutions: Payment Fraud Prevention, Internal Banking Fraud Prevention, AML Transaction Monitoring, and Community Scoring & Intelligence. Our Payment Fraud Prevention solution scrutinizes every transaction in real time, effectively identifying and halting fraudulent payments, including those stemming from sophisticated authorized push payment scams, account takeover, and digital banking fraud. The Internal Banking Fraud Prevention solution monitors employee activities across all fronts, promptly flagging and blocking suspicious transactions. Meanwhile, our AML Transaction Monitoring solution ensures regulatory compliance and minimizes unnecessary alerts and costs. The Community Scoring & Intelligence solution, our latest innovation, enhances threat intelligence and risk model effectiveness by tapping into a vast network of insights from our banking community and partners.

Expanding our technological frontier, we’ve introduced a SaaS offering on Google Cloud. This not only maintains the advanced features of our solutions but also further reduces operational overhead and ensures top-notch data security.

Overall, NetGuardians’ unique combination of community-driven intelligence, advanced AI capabilities, experience in the banking industry specifically, and commitment to customer experience set us apart from other vendors in the market. 


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Fraud & AML Platform
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Account Takeover, KYC & AML, Payment Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning, Rules Engine