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About the free webinar series

We are super fortunate to have Erin West, Paul Raffile and Soups Ranjan, three amazing experts bringing invaluable and unique perspectives when it comes to fighting scams. Erin & Paul's activism has paved the way for a global fight against two of the worst scams out there, while Soups has pioneered innovative solutions to combat fraud, scams and financial crime. Soups is not your traditional solution provider CEO in that he cut his teeth on the practitioner side, leading the fight against fraud at Coinbase and Revolut. In this discussion we will discuss...

Scams in context:
This isn’t just phishing and spam emails; this is human impact like sextortion and people losing their life savings. 

The scam explosion: The issue is getting worse; volume is up YoY as criminal gangs turn to scam call centers as their most profitable form of crime.

Tactics to fight back: What should we do as companies, individuals, and an ecosystem to get better at detecting, sharing data and intelligence?

Actions you can take today: Getting the basics right, look for the hidden clues of scams. Look at cues like users' device, their behavior, and sudden changes.

Here's what you'll learn:

The best prevention techniques
The best detection techniques
How to build a consistent feedback loop and identify new scam trends
What the global industry and law enforcement are doing
Real, raw stories of the worst scams on the internet

Your presenters:

Soups Headshot

Soups Ranjan

Co-Founder & CEO


Soups is the co-founder and CEO of Sardine.AI, a VC funded company with the mission to “confidently load money into a digital wallet”, where Sardine takes care of fraud and compliance issues related to money movement and instantly funds the money in the wallet.Prior to founding Sardine, Soups was head of crypto for Revolut and head of data & risk for Coinbase.

erin west

Erin West

Deputy District Attorney

Santa Clara County

Proud to serve as prosecutor to REACT -- Santa Clara County's elite high tech investigative force -- who has taken down international SIM swappers, disrupted fraudulent call centers abroad and now is actively working to combat the romance investment scammers known as pig butcherers. I am particularly interested in assisting victims and being a resource to state and local law enforcement eager to enter the cryptocurrency investigation arena.

paul rafle

Paul Raffile

Threat Intelligence Analyst

Independent Financial Extortion Researcher

Paul is an intelligence professional with a focus on security risk analysis, investigations, and project management. He has developed strategic and tactical products for private sector, law enforcement, and military clients and currently develops security operations centers and fusion centers for Fortune 500 and global corporations.

PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall


About Fraud

PJ guides the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud ecosystem, both provider and practitioner, to strengthen community engagement and grow our fraud fighting network. Outside of About Fraud, PJ is VP, Fraud Strategy at Pasabi. He applies his domain expertise to lead product positioning and GTM efforts in the U.S. He works cross-functionally to enable revenue growth, grow brand awareness and feed intelligence into product innovation.