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Instant payments bring a wealth of opportunities to financial institutions and customers alike.

According to a survey by the 451 Research Group, over 45% of U.S. consumers state that access to instant payment capabilities is a driver for engaging with a new bank. However, the same survey found that a significant percentage of consumers lack trust in their banks’ fraud capabilities – and there is still significant anxiety around the safety of direct transfers.

In order to leverage the benefits of instant payments banks need to tackle the difficult trade-off between speed and security. Large real-time payment markets such as the U.K. have demonstrated just how fast fraud and scams can spike with the rise of instant payments.

The transition to instant payments in the U.S. has long been in the works. But staying competitive means understanding the changes involved – including the benefits and challenges.

Here's what you'll learn:

Overview of instant payments

Benefits of instant payments for consumers and FIs.

Understanding real-time payment fraud, & the lessons learned from other markets.

Real-time solutions for real-time fraud – why a new approach is needed.

How to leverage technology to shape a safer real-time future.

Your presenters:

Ian Mitchel

Ian Mitchell

Founder | Managing Partner

The Knoble/Omega FinCrime

Ian Mitchell is the Founder of The Knoble, a non-profit with the mission to unite the financial industry to
fight Human Crime. Ian is also the Co-founder of Omega FinCrime, a mission driven fraud and scams consulting and services company. 


 Hal Granoff

 Head of US Market Development


Previously, Hal was a Sr. Director at Early Warning where he was responsible for developing authentication solutions to protect Financial Institutions from the threat of fraud in the mobile and online platforms.


Keith Gray

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

The Clearing House

Keith Gray is responsible for Strategic Partnerships at The Clearing House. These partnerships are critical to the success of RTP in that many banks and credit unions will leverage RTP through a trusted technology partner.



Ronald Prätsch

Ronald Prätsch

Fraud Consultant, Co-Founder


Ronald leverages his extensive experience in payments & fraud to inform the structure and content of the site. Outside of About-Fraud, Ronald consults regularly with merchants, payment service providers and fraud solution vendors.