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About the free webinar series

Join us for an informative session as we explore the evolving world of generative AI, synthetics and counterfeit ID detection in the customer lifecycle. Our expert panel will provide valuable insights and strategies to help you stay ahead of the latest fraud trends.

Here's what you'll learn:

An overview of the latest on generative AI and synthetic fraud trends from experts on the front lines
Research and insights on where, when, and how these attacks occur
The role of advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning in detecting these fraud vectors
The value of a holistic identity verification across channels and use cases

Your presenters:


Blair Cohen

Founder and President

Blair Cohen is the Founder and President of AuthenticID, a disruptive and transformational AI-driven identity proofing and fraud prevention company. Its technology quickly and securely verifies identities with 99% + accuracy in seconds. The outcome for companies is a reduction in fraud costs, elevated security, and a friction-free customer experience.


Reuben Stewart

Digital Identity Lead

Dedicated and experienced leader in the Client Identity and Access Management and Cybersecurity professional within financial institution space. Twenty Three (23) Years experience in banking environment which includes Cybersecurity, Architecture, Strategy and Planning, and Senior Leadership. Authentication and Identity Engineer with extensive knowledge of industry, capabilities, requirements, standards, and techniques in the marketplace today.

karen boyer

Karen Boyer

SVP, Financial Crimes 
M&T Bank

Karen Boyer has over 20 years of diverse banking experience with over 15 in the realm of Fraud.
She is currently Senior Vice President of Financial Crimes and Fraud Intelligence, at M&T Bank.
In this capacity, Karen is responsible for running teams of analysts and investigators, developing
fraud detection and prevention strategies related to financial channels in and out of the
organization, and managing the risk of the evolving real-time payment methods in the financial

PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall

About Fraud

PJ has been fighting fraud for 15 years. He has strong understanding of mitigating bad actor use cases across the full customer journey. He leverages this skill set to educate and empower fraud fighters across the globe. He co-founded About Fraud, a global community built For Fraud Fighters, By Fraud Fighters. PJ exudes passion and vibrancy that engages others, while offering a refreshing dose of emotional intelligence. He is also a passionate mental health advocate, striving to break the stigma with personal stories of his journey with anxiety & OCD.