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About the free webinar series

Just as a fit and agile athlete is better equipped to navigate obstacles, a fraud-fit organization understands the intricacies of fraud detection and prevention in today's dynamic digital business landscape. Join our webinar to discover the key signals and early indicators of scams in progress and explore how banks can develop robust interdiction capabilities to halt fraudulent activities in their tracks.

Learn from seasoned fraud experts from Prove, NatWest and Telefonica as they share strategies for modern fraud teams to swiftly address suspicious transactions and mitigate potential risks. Plus, explore the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing customer interactions, particularly in navigating payment delays and ensuring timely resolution.

Here's what you'll learn:

What signals provide the best indications of a scam in flight?
How do banks build interdiction capabilities to stop scams?
How do the fraud team create new scripts to "Have the right conversation with the customer"?
Could AI help in asking the customer the right questions in a payment delay situation?

Your presenters:


Chris Parker

Fraud Analytics
Threat Lead


Chris Parker is the Head of Threat Management & Fraud Analytics Product, and has worked at NatWest Group for approaching 23 years.
He has worked within Fraud prevention for 18 years of this, experiencing and evolving with the threats that impacted Digital services throughout that time. His work has focused upon the usage of third party fraud prevention solutions, innovative opportunities and the maximisation of data, orchestration and models, in an effort to reduce the impact of financial crime and fraud.




Glyn Povah

Director Product Development


Glyn leads global product development at Telefónica for the Digital Identity business, where
he founded a new product category focused on building and growing an Identity & Attributes
B2B API business. Under Glyn’s leadership this customer centric growth business has
developed new API products, in collaboration with other leading global Telcos, that address
core digital identity use-cases in the market and now serves hundreds of relying parties on a
global basis.

Mary ann miller

Mary Ann Miller

VP Client Experience & Cybersecurity


Mary Ann Miller is the Fraud & Cybercrime Executive Advisor and VP of Client Experience at Prove. Mary Ann is a well-respected expert in the fraud and identity space who has been quoted by BBC News, NPR, American Banker, USA Today, and others. Mary Ann was most recently Head of Fraud Strategy at Varo Bank, where she led the fraud strategy process for transitioning the fintech to a nationally chartered challenger bank.

PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall

Co-Founder &
Fraud Fighter

About Fraud

PJ guides the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud ecosystem, both provider and practitioner, to strengthen community engagement and grow our fraud fighting network. Outside of About Fraud, PJ is VP, Fraud Strategy at Pasabi. He applies his domain expertise to lead product positioning and GTM efforts in the U.S. He works cross-functionally to enable revenue growth, grow brand awareness and feed intelligence into product innovation.