socure webinar

About the free webinar series

You’re under attack. Now what?

Join fraud experts from Lili and Socure as we discuss and dissect various fraud behaviors, evolving attack vectors, and key signs that your organization is under attack. Additionally, we’ll provide tips and recommendations on what to do as soon as you recognize a fraud attack occurring, and how to implement an effective prevention strategy to block even the most innovative fraudsters.

Here's what you'll learn:

What a typical fraud attack looks like including length, volume, and timing.
The importance of actively monitoring your new application streams in real time to spot a fraud attack as early as possible,
How to optimize your fraud prevention strategy in the short term, and evaluate your validation strategy for the future.
The importance of catching fraudsters at the front door and the impact it can have on your business.

Your presenters:

John Mearls

John Mearls

Head of Risk & Operation


John has built a career on transforming cultures and aligning processes to achieve improved operating practices, financial results, cost savings and brand efficiency gains. Currently, he holds leadership responsibility for strategic development, implementation, and oversight for all anti-fraud initiatives for Mobile Only Banking start-up.

Jonathan Cohen

Jonathan Cohen

Senior Fraud Specialist


Jonathan is a Senior Fraud Specialist at Lili handling top of the funnel onboarding process, as and transaction monitoring.

Jonas Curado

Jonas Cuadrado

Lead Data Scientist


Jonas is a Lead Data Scientist in the Fraud and Risk unit, I have been at Socure for over a year but I have been in the fraud prevention business for over 4 years. Among the products I work with, PosNeg list and monitoring are my current focus areas.

PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall


About Fraud

PJ guides the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud ecosystem, both provider and end-user, and informs feature development.  He speaks, engages and educates folks on relevant fraud trends and strategies, while continuously learning from the industry and empowering fraud fighters across the globe.