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About the free webinar series

By now, we’ve heard it a million times: implement fraud protections across the customer journey. But how can this practically be done while providing that elusive “smooth customer experience”?

Blending transaction data, geodesic distance, phone intelligence and other digital identity data are game changers. We’ll dive into how to appropriately layer this data and tech and what pervasive fraud use cases they can help with.

But doesn’t that cause more friction?

Heck no.

Not when you implement a more secure, less cumbersome passwordless sign-up and sign-in process that leverages silent authentication and QR codes.

In this webinar, hosted by PJ Rohall from About Fraud, speakers Shoaib Ahmed, CEO of Scooty and Harish Manepalli, CTO at Zumigo, will discuss these topics in an engaging and educational manner.

Here's what you'll learn:

Using a more secure, less cumbersome passwordless sign-up and sign-in process that leverages silent authentication and QR code which improves customer experience and expedites checkout.
The value of marrying phone intelligence, transaction data, geodesic distance and other digital identity data.
A real-world story of how Scooty is using Zumigo DeRiskify to detect and prevent the fraudulent purchase, safeguard the customer's financial assets and maintain reputation for security and trust

Your presenters:


Shoaib Ahmed

Founder & CEO


Shoaib Ahmed founded SCOOTY in 2019 with the aim of changing the experience of first and last-mile transit through the use of electric micromobility. Shoaib has over 15 years of experience working with senior executives, government officials, fundraising, community development and change-makers on issues management, stakeholder relations, and most importantly - getting things done.


Harish Manepalli



Harish is a technologist who has led teams in delivering industry-first software solutions across various domains. Most recently, he led the delivery of workforce authentication, authorization, and compliance solutions at Amazon. Prior to Amazon, Harish was vice president of engineering at Zumigo and was in charge of the development of the Zumigo Assure Identity and Zumigo Strong Authentication solutions.

PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall

Co-Founder &
Fraud Fighter

About Fraud

PJ guides the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud ecosystem, both provider and practitioner, to strengthen community engagement and grow our fraud fighting network. Outside of About Fraud, PJ is VP, Fraud Strategy at Pasabi. He applies his domain expertise to lead product positioning and GTM efforts in the U.S. He works cross-functionally to enable revenue growth, grow brand awareness and feed intelligence into product innovation.