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About the free webinar series

Automated data extraction and document processing are frequently touted as “no-regret” investments for any financial institution. However, in an era where user-friendly editing tools and online document template farms are escalating the ease of fraud, how can you automate document processing for merchant onboarding, KYC/EDD and loans without inadvertently automating document fraud? And how do you operationalize new document automation workflows with risk in mind? 


Discover valuable insights and actionable best practices you can implement now from Resistant AI and Payoneer. Join us to learn how to navigate the path towards a fraud-resilient document automation system, and understand the critical steps involved in this transformative journey.

Here's what you'll learn:

Understand the risks behind document automation.
Discover practical fraud-resilient document automation strategies.
Avoid two critical mistakes in document automation
Hear from Payoneer about their document automation journey with Resistant AI
Learn about the Resistant AI solution

Your presenters:

Jan Syrinek

Jan Syrinek

 Head of Product


Resistant AI

Jan is one of the foremost experts in fraud-resilient document automation today, helping risk, fraud, and compliance teams around the world safely automate their onboarding KYC and underwriting processes without exposing themselves to criminals.


Katarina Demchuk

 Identity Verification Product Manager


Katarina specializes in the end-to-end management of complex projects with a focus on a data-driven and KPI-oriented approach. Her proficiency extends to automation, scalable financial technology solutions, and implementing anti-fraud measures. Katarina’s core objective is to establish a seamless, compliant, and scalable identity collection and verification process, fostering growth and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Ronald Prätsch

Ronald Praetsch

Co-Founder & Fraud Fighter

About Fraud

Ronald leverages his extensive experience in payments & fraud to inform the structure and content of the site. Outside of About-Fraud, Ronald consults regularly with merchants, payment service providers and fraud solution vendors. Before About-Fraud, he spent close to a decade in various payments and fraud prevention roles at Sift Science, Fareportal, Booking.com and Pay.On in both Europe and North America.