About the free webinar series

The rise in publicly available AI technologies has driven a surge in phishing campaigns targeting customers of financial institutions, particularly those that rely heavily on OTP based authentication.

Whilst the MO is a well understood problem, there have traditionally been limitations to the economies of scale for criminals and therefore attacks have been relatively intermittent and haven’t featured heavily as sole ATO loss drivers - that is until now.

In this session, Callsign will delve into how this threat is evolving, the techniques they have helped their clients adopt to combat this threat and the metrics of success clients are achieving with Callsign.

Here's what you'll learn:

Uncover the authenticators most vulnerable to AI phishing attacks.
The authentication methods that are growing in popularity to tackle ATO at the point of payment.
Techniques that security teams are deploying to retain control and provide an accurate service to enable downstream fraud teams to combat ATO at the point of payment.
The techniques that Callsign have helped clients adopt to combat this growing threat whilst sharing some of the metrics of success they have achieved with Callsign.

Your presenters:

Chris Stephens

Tim Burton

Chief Customer Officer


Tim is an experienced authentication and fraud practitioner with experience of both technology and business functions in the Financial Services Sector across the UK, South Africa, Latin America and Europe. Tim’s mission statement is to simplify the complexities of authentication and authorizations, leading to improved decision making and better outcomes for consumers all round, a key driver for joining Callsign where he is now leading the Customer Success team globally.


PJ Rohall

PJ Rohall


About Fraud

PJ guides the strategic roadmap. He leverages a strong understanding of the fraud ecosystem, both provider and practitioner, to strengthen community engagement and grow our fraud fighting network. Outside of About Fraud, PJ is VP, Fraud Strategy at Pasabi. He applies his domain expertise to lead product positioning and GTM efforts in the U.S. He works cross-functionally to enable revenue growth, grow brand awareness and feed intelligence into product innovation.