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Five Motives for Using a Counterfeit ID

Many solution providers and government agencies tout the rise of identity fraud. During the pandemic, unemployment insurance and PPP fraud was rampant. The identity fraud problem garnered the attention of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. A bill called “Improving Digital Identity Act of 2023” is making its way through the...
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Underpinning Fraud Prevention with Email Data

The world is increasingly digital. Even prior to the pandemic we were on a trajectory towards digital-first engagement, and in just a few months’ time the COVID-19 crisis accelerated the digitization of companies’ customer interactions by 3 to 4 years (McKinsey). As of 2022, close to 4.26 billion people – over 50%...
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Linked fraudulent accounts: A threat and an opportunity

According to market research company Forrester, trust in consumer technology will decline by 15 percent in 2023.  One of the biggest reasons for this prediction? The growing prevalence of all types of fraud.  For businesses that require high levels of consumer trust to thrive — think online marketplaces, e-learning platforms, digital health...
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BrasDex: A new Brazilian ATS Android Banker with ties to Desktop malware

A varied and wild landscape The mobile malware landscape of the LATAM region, more specifically Brazil, has recently risen to prominence in the news due to families like Brata and Amextroll, extending their reach all the way to Europe. ThreatFabric has already reported in length about these families. However, not all malware developed...
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Investment, Acquisitions & IPOs – Q1 2023

Q1 is wrapping up in a couple days, so it's time for our quarterly investment update. Have a read to learn more about the relevant moves in the industry! Funding Inscribe US-based Inscribe gets $25M to fight financial fraud with AI. Asked about expansion plans, the founder says that Inscribe will likely...
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Raise Your Hand ? If You Did This For Your First Fraud Job

[originally published: Frank on Fraud] It was my first day at the new job. ?‍♂️ My manager pointed to a cubicle and said that’s where you’re going to sit. The desk had a phone and an old computer. ☎️ Tess – my co-worker and very first fraud trainer, dropped a stack of paper...
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Email: The Weapon Against Identity Fraud

About 4.5% of U.S., or 15 million Americans, were victims of identity fraud in 2021 and 33% of Americans have experienced identity theft according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Chances are, you or one of your customers has become a victim of this epidemic. All too often, we see news stories...
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Traditional Check Fraud Gets a Digital Makeover

What happens when trust is shaken in a fundamental societal institution, like the postal service system? An emerging method of committing financial fraud is stealing checks, and the circumstances surrounding these scams are often bizarre and highly public. Checks are appropriated from the familiar blue United States Postal Service (USPS) collection boxes...
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Dawn Of The ShapeShifter – 10 Fraud Predictions for 2023

The world we live in is changing before our eyes. ? Things are never quite what they seem. Nothing can be taken at face value, and strangers making promises cannot be trusted. ? Sadly, everyone we know has been victimized by fraud or a scam and lost their hard-earned money. Fraudsters no...
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