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SpyCloud is a global fraud prevention specialist, helping businesses decrease fraud losses tied to account takeover, synthetic identity fraud, and new account fraud. By transforming recaptured data from breaches, malware-infected devices, and other underground sources, SpyCloud reveals real-time insights about the identities of your consumers. 

Location:Austin, TX, United States
Founded: 2016

Fraud Solution Profile

Criminals use stolen credentials to gain illegitimate access to customer accounts and commit fraud every day – ultimately causing organizations millions in online fraud, chargebacks, brand damage, and customer trust. SpyCloud draws on data recaptured from the criminal underground to help you predict how criminals can use it for fraud, as well as provide actionable analytics that enhance the power of your fraud investigations.

SpyCloud enables enterprises to proactively detect synthetic identities, protect compromised  customers from account takeover, and identify malware infected consumers, allowing them to act swiftly before criminals have the ability to profit. We infiltrate criminal networks using human intelligence to recapture stolen credentials from third-party breaches and botnet logs months (and often years) before it becomes publicly available on the dark web.

SpyCloud turns breach data into your biggest defense. Our solutions are backed by the largest and freshest collection of over 170 billion recaptured breach assets; the most timely, actionable, and easily operationalized underground data available. SpyCloud protects over 2 billion consumer accounts for the world’s leading financial services companies and retailers.

With SpyCloud you can:

    • Reduce Fraud Losses from ATO: Shorten the window criminals have to profit by proactively identifying compromised credentials and choosing when and how to intervene.
    • Reduce Operational Costs: Automate remediation processes by easily integrating performance API’s into your existing applications and workflows, reducing the time and money spent on investigations.
    • Retain Customer Trust: Protect customers’ personal data, payment information, etc., and prevent negative customer experiences, false accusations, and unwanted media attention that results from account takeovers.
    • Predict Fraud Tied to Malware: Identify consumers whose data has been harvested by malware, acting proactively to reset compromised credentials, invalidate stolen cookies, and flag high risk accounts.
    • Prevent Synthetic Identity Fraud: Detect anomalies within a customer’s information at enrollment or account creation, alerting to an identity that is stolen or constructed using PII available on the criminal underground.

Make faster, more accurate fraud decisions with SpyCloud Identity Risk Engine:

SpyCloud enhances the power of existing fraud solutions by illuminating which consumers are at the highest risk of account takeover, new account fraud, and synthetic identity fraud. With direct insights into key risk indicators like breach recency, severity, and type, we deliver actionable insights that can be used to stop criminals from evading detection, in turn preserving profits for an organization by increasing accuracy and decreasing false positives, chargebacks, and manual reviews.

Identify and remediate compromised passwords with SpyCloud Consumer ATO Prevention:
When your customers reuse weak and easily guessable passwords, they put themselves at high risk of account takeover. SpyCloud provides organizations early detection of compromised consumers by alerting you when your consumers appear in a breach, allowing you to reset credentials and lock out bad actors before they have a chance to act. The SpyCloud API easily integrates into your workflows to automate your ATO prevention and remediation efforts.


Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, New Account Fraud