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SentiLink stops identity fraud at onboarding. With real-time scoring capabilities, SentiLink enables accurate decisions about identity without adding friction to account opening. Naftali Harris and Max Blumenfeld founded SentiLink, two leaders who created Affirm’s risk and fraud systems. SentiLink has raised $85M and works with over 100 financial institutions.

Location:San Francisco , United States
Founded: 2017

Fraud Solution Profile

SentiLink offers the following products:

Synthetic Fraud Scores: Stop hard-to-detect synthetic identities with high precision in real-time with SentiLink Synthetic Fraud Scores. All applications are scored from 0 (low risk) – 999 (high risk). SentiLink provides an overall Synthetic Fraud Score for decisioning, and more nuanced First Party or Third Party synthetic scores to drive specific treatment strategies. Synthetic Fraud Scores are available via API and web app. They can also be evaluated with a free retro study or live trial.

ID Theft Scores: Identity thieves continually test new ways to open accounts using stolen identities. SentiLink’s ID Theft scores leverage insights about the email, phone, IP address, and behavioral patterns on the application to stop those using stolen identities, and flag fewer good customers. Applications are scored in real-time from 0 (low risk) – 999 (high risk). ID Theft Scores are available via API and web app. They can also be evaluated with a free retro study or live trial.

KYC Insights: Discover a new kind of KYC product that satisfies CIP obligations and uncovers insights about specific identity risks for investigation and remediation. KYC Insights includes watchlist checks, and goes way beyond “check-the-box” PII matching from legacy KYC providers. It includes features, flags and risk signals that you can use to build more nuanced decisioning rules.

Dashboard: Why did one app score 950 and another 200? SentiLink’s intelligent web-based Dashboard provides context on every application. You can see all the raw data used to build the scores and insights on why certain apps scored as high risk. The Escalate button triggers manual review from the SentiLink Risk Ops team when you’d like a second look. The eCBSV button requests customer consent to validate the name, DOB, SSN combination with the Social Security Administration in real-time.

SentiLink offers a new kind of identity verification based on a deep understanding of what fraud really looks like. SentiLink models incorporate insights from an internal Risk Ops team trained to detect emerging fraud vectors; this expertise was honed by manually reviewing hundreds of thousands of cases for partners. Risk expertise is included in every product touchpoint. We assign a Fraud Advisor to each of our partners, who can be used as an extension of your risk and fraud team. The web-based Dashboard brings all identity data and related insights together for quick decisioning, and cases can be escalated to SentiLink’s Risk Ops team for further review. Improve risk outcomes while spending less time looking for and manually reviewing stolen and synthetic identities and flagging fewer good customers.


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Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
 Fraud Type
KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning