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Scanovate has developed an all-in-one Cyber Identity platform that makes compliance and KYC simple and secure. Our on-premise technology has given the smartphone the ability to read and authenticate identity by comparing a photo ID with a live selfie ensuring 99.8% accuracy while remaining completely compliant with regulatory demands.

Location:Ramat Gan, Israel
Founded: 2013

Fraud Solution Profile

With the ever-changing demands of the regulatory landscape, Financial institutions should understand the gap between the rapidly growing digital world and the manual back end processes that hinder their ability to successfully maintain compliance and conversion rates. With this knowledge, experts can begin to bridge the paper gap by learning the benefits of adapting costly and time-consuming processes into a single, all-in-one platform along with the understanding of Cyber Identity: keeping their users’ identity safe and secure.

Scanovate has developed an all-in-one, Cyber Identity platform that makes compliance and KYC simple and secure by automating and customizing front and backend processes. We provide a holistic, frictionless client onboarding solution from the front end while managing all your KYC risk and compliance checks from the backend. Each of our solutions are flexible and can easily be adapted to or implemented in any environment.

We have built an open comprehensive platform designed to integrate with ISVs that enrich our solution and offer added value to our clients in one localized place, for example providers of video chat, transaction monitoring, or even voice and behavioral biometrics. We also aggregate and normalize KYC data from top tier, 3rd party providers like Thomson Reuters, GBG and RDC to generate one unified compliance report.

We initially developed OCR and Facial biometrics solutions for our front-end product and after commercializing our value proposition and presenting it to different financial institutions, we understood there is greater value in adding identity and KYC solutions to our technology in order to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Today we are market leaders in Israel and a global player recognized by tier 1 banks worldwide.  We currently employ 50 cyber identity experts and work with partners like: Deloitte, TCS, KPMG, EY, Equitech and are always looking to expand our activity to international markets.


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Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Authentication
 Fraud Type
KYC & AML, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Biometrics, Machine Learning