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Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line. Stop improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur. Get early warning of emerging threats. And keep costs in check. SAS adds that essential layer of security intelligence protection

Location:Cary, North Carolina , United States
Founded: 1976

Fraud Solution Profile

Fight Fraud and Financial Crimes with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Take a unified approach to fraud, compliance, and security. Only Fraud, AML and Security Intelligence solutions from SAS deliver an essential layer of protection backed by domain expertise and the world’s best analytics.

Converge fraud and AML programs.

Centralize insights from multiple sources, including cyber event data, for more complete customer risk assessments in broader context.

Establish consistent business processes.

Intuitive workflow and case management support more efficient investigations, faster resolutions,   fewer false positives and higher productivity.

Reduce false positives with advanced analytics and machine learning

so investigative analysts can focus on the cases that pose the most risk to the organization.

Intelligently prioritize alerts for triage, investigation and disposition.

Quickly see areas of interest and where to focus first.

Conduct more efficient, targeted investigations

through interactive visualizations. Import, search, filter and visualize the results in different ways to reveal patterns, people and events hidden in complex data.

Easily document findings

with screen captures, analyst notes and images, and advanced reporting to present data to the institution’s board of directors, auditors and examiners.

Adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape

with user-friendly data  administration and configuration tools, as well as automatic updates.

Incorporate new data sources. Evolve processes.

Expand intelligence analytics to other areas of the business, or design new components and screens based on changing needs.


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Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Fraud & AML Platform
 Fraud Type
Advertisement or Affiliate Fraud, Account Takeover, Call Center Fraud, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine