From a small group of seven European airlines sharing experiences and data, to a huge global cross-sector community of merchants. Perseuss has developed into the world’s leading platform for fraud intelligence. Our mission is to enable real-time access to cross-sector fraud data, through community based sharing between stakeholders in the commercial and payment industry.

Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded: 2009

Fraud Solution Profile

Back in the day, when data sharing wasn’t as common as it is today, Perseuss was founded by a community of merchants suffering from fraud issues. For more than ten years, merchants in different industries have been sharing their transaction and fraud data.

By now, the size of the database is unparalleled in conversion optimization and fraud prevention. Perseuss has evolved from a simple fraud database into a sophisticated DATA intelligence platform applying advanced artificial intelligence.

The Perseuss Reputation Score makes it possible to learn how risky or trustworthy a transaction is and will help you block fraudulent transactions while avoiding the risk of rejecting good customers.

  • AI-based scoring
  • Global data coverage
  • Cloud-based, user-friendly interface
  • Good fit for various work processes: manual check, excel-based check, API integration either directly to in-house systems or via major PSPs/FSPs
  • GDPR-compliant environment
  • A worldwide community and contact database


FraudChasers is Perseuss’ free-of-charge secure fraud forum, designed to give online fraud experts a place to safely exchange information. Get up to date in the topic-specific channels, share your own experiences, provide insights, and alert the community with news from all around the globe.


FACT, a tool created by Perseuss, enables merchants and issuing banks to alert each other in case of suspicious transactions, and present confirmed fraud cases to law enforcement. FACT was originally designed to facilitate the communication between merchants, card schemes and law enforcement agencies all around the world during the Global Airport Action Days, organized by Europol. Answering the heavy demand following these successful actions to continue this way of cooperation as a business-as-usual process, the tool is now open for daily usage


BCD travel

 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
 Fraud Type
KYC & AML, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine