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nSure.ai is an advanced fraud prevention platform. It is a solution that protects sellers of digital goods, focusing on high-risk domains, such as prepaid and gaming. Its tailored auto-ML models collect and analyze data in real time, enabling nSure to provide payment vetting and chargeback guarantees.

Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2019

Fraud Solution Profile

Our AI-driven fraud prevention platform is a chargeback-guarantee solution designed specifically to protect sellers of digital goods that fraudsters love to target. We focus on high-risk domains such as prepaid gift cards and gaming, where our expertise and predictive technology enable us, in real time, to identify, understand and act on distinct fraud patterns or anomalies unique to these domains. 

Our auto-ML models are tailored to meet the unique needs of individual businesses and their customers. This customization is critical given that online transactions for digital products are processed and delivered in mere seconds. In comparison, online sellers of standard physical goods typically have a several-day gap between purchase and delivery, so their fraud prevention programs have the luxury of time in which to continuously assess risk and react later. However, for sellers of digital products, it’s more critical than ever to have a highly accurate, real-time fraud detection and prevention solution they can rely on to prevent having to decline legitimate customers or deal with chargebacks. 

Here’s where we come in! By collecting and analysing product-specific data points in real time, we create a highly effective buffer for online fraud. In fact, the company reduces declines by about 70%, compared to industry average, thus allowing retailers to recapture almost $100 billion a year in revenue lost by declining legitimate customers 

The level of fraud associated with high-risk digital goods, such as electronic gift cards and gaming keys, leads many retailers to avoid selling them online altogether. This is due to the ease of reselling them with no traceability. However, our approval rates, which are higher than any of our competitors, help companies feel safe to continue and even grow their online sales of digital goods, as well as enter new markets, without the fear of fraudulent sales and hefty chargeback rates.

Our patented AI prevention and protection technology has been tested at scale and handles transaction values of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Dedicated to transparency, we make sure our clients understand the logic behind our models’ decisions. What’s more, our models make accurate decisions based on behavior as opposed to identity. 

In our battle against online fraud, we conduct payment vetting, reduce chargebacks and false positive rates. We’re so confident in our technology, that we provide chargeback-guarantee for those transactions we approve. 

Backed by the world’s largest insurance company AXA as well as by Phoenix and a number of top Fintech investors, we provide the only true chargeback guarantee for high-risk digital goods, helping sellers reduce decline rates, increase revenue and improve customer confidence and satisfaction.






Ecommerce, Financial Services
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Fraud Platform
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Account Takeover, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning