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HQ: San Diego, CA, United States

Founded: 1986

Mitek is a global leader in mobile capture and identity verification software solutions. Our ID document authentication and facial comparison technology allows enterprises to verify a user’s identity during on-boarding, payments and re-authentication. This helps financial institutions and other organizations meet KYC/AML requirements, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

Fraud Solution Profile

As transactions increasingly move to digital channels, businesses need new methods for verifying that users are who they say they are. Mitek’s mobile ID verification solution, Mobile Verify®, delivers a fast and easy way to verify user identities through digital channels. Leading financial services organizations, payment platforms, lenders and more rely on Mitek’s technology to help combat Fraud during digital transactions and to keep them in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

This is accomplished by leveraging the camera on a mobile device to take a picture of a user’s identity document. By applying artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to the images captured by the mobile camera, Mobile Verify is able to instantly determine if the submitted identity document is an authentic, government-issued ID. With its powerful mobile capture and ID verification engine, Mobile Verify is able to determine the authenticity of more than 3,500 global ID documents, including driver’s licenses, passports and more.

While the camera on a mobile device is an ideal way to complete the task of digital ID verification, ultimately the success of the process depends on the quality of the images captured. Mitek’s MiSnap™ mobile auto capture technology enables users to capture a quality image – the first time, every time. MiSnap’s simple and intuitive user interface makes the digital identity verification process engaging for users instead of a cumbersome hurdle that must be cleared for regulatory compliance. MiSnap ensures the quality of the image is usable, and that consumers do not abandon the process.

Organizations such as banks and payment processors, which often handle high value or high-risk transactions, may need even more robust identity verification processes. These organizations can benefit from leveraging the mobile camera and Mitek’s Mobile Verify Facial Comparison solution. The user takes a selfie and Mobile Verify applies computer vision, which is more accurate than the human eye to compare the photo on the identity document to the real, live face of the user. Using this additional layer of biometric data, companies can be sure that the person holding the authentic ID document is also the same individual pictured on it.

Mitek’s identity verification solutions enable organizations to establish trust in digital channels for safe on boarding of new users, age-restricted purchases, faster money movement, re-authentication, regulatory compliance and many other use cases. Our document experts from Interpol, the FSA, EU border patrol, and military intelligence inspire our solutions. This experience gives Mitek the very best intelligence on identity document forgery regardless of the channel. With Mitek’s digital ID verification solutions, organizations can comply with AML laws and respond to ever-changing Fraud techniques.


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KYC & AML, Payment Fraud

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