HQ: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Founded: 2013

Midigator is the world’s first SaaS platform to prevent and fight chargebacks. Automated technology reduces risk and recovers revenue with unparalleled success. Highest win rates. Highest ROI.

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Often times, chargebacks are simply accepted as a cost of doing business. Manual processes, a lack of transparency, and minimal ROI make it seem like any resources devoted to management efforts are wasted.

Midigator was created to challenge those beliefs and remove any barriers to success.

What does Midigator do?

Midigator is a chargeback management platform. The technology performs two essential functions.

Prevent Chargebacks– Resolve issues preemptively to reduce the likelihood of a chargeback

  • Lower chargeback-to-transaction ratios
  • Improve merchant account health
  • Scale faster and easier
  • Identify and resolve issues that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Fight Chargebacks– Respond to illegitimate chargebacks and recover revenue

  • Eliminate errors
  • Reduce manual labor
  • Improve ROI
  • Monitor outcomes in real time
  • Focus on growing the business

How does Midigator achieve superior results?

Data-Driven Decisions: Replace hunches and guesses with intelligent decisions by removing barriers to relevant data.

Single Sign-On:Access all the tools and data you need from a single dashboard.

Real-Time Reports: Monitor data that would otherwise be impossible to access in real time.

Interactive Charts & Graphs:Easily analyze data by dozens of variables to detect the underlying reason for transaction disputes.

Customizable Notifications: Take a break from data analysis and let the information come to you—receive notifications about trends you want to monitor in your data.

Integrated Prevention Alerts:Enable the technology to refund alerts on your behalf and gather data you need to predict future chargeback trends.

Automated Dispute Responses: Enjoy higher win rates and more revenue with fewer expenses and zero errors—no expertise or manual labor is required.

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Integrates directly with payment processors to receive chargeback data and submit dispute responses. Compatible with all payment processors and merchant account providers.
Integrates directly with CRM, gateway and/or order management system to receive order data and automate tasks. Direct integration is required for some, but not all, services. Fast-track integration and custom integration options are available.

Primary Functionality
Chargeback Management
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