MaxMind is a leading provider of IP geolocation and fraud detection data services. The minFraud service helps companies prevent fraudulent online transactions and reduce manual review. The minFraud service is used by more than 7,000 businesses to screen over 100 million e-commerce transactions and account registrations each month. This data is referenced in real-time to enhance minFraud’s risk analysis algorithms and applied machine learning as part of the minFraud Network.

Location:Waltham, MA, United States
Founded: 2002

Fraud Solution Profile

min Fraud service helps web-present businesses prevent online fraud by determining the riskiness of online transactions. It provides actionable data to identify and prevent online fraud for e-commerce transactions and account registrations. Each transaction sent to the minFraud service is assigned a riskScore, the probability that the transaction or registration is fraudulent and an IP risk score, which indicated riskiness of the IP associated with the transaction or registration. In addition, minFraud service customers can utilize our Device Tracking

Add-on to further enhance the riskScore and IP risk score outputs and receive a Device ID output associated with the transaction or registration being scored.  Companies use the riskScore and IP risk score to determine whether to accept, reject, or manually review transactions.

The minFraud service is a hosted solution that is accessed via an API. Users of the minFraud service pass information provided by their site visitors during online transactions and account registrations and the service analyzes this information and returns a riskScore and other outputs.


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Ecommerce, Financial Services
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