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Konduto is an innovative technology to fight online fraud, adding machine learning and buying behavior layers to the traditional risk analysis methods. We stop fraud without hurting the merchant’s operation.

Location:Sao Paulo, Brazil
Founded: 2014

Fraud Solution Profile

Developed a platform that combines all the traditional fraud analysis techniques, like device fingerprinting, velocity counts, historical data and manual review, and added two new components to the mix: machine learning and user navigation analytics, be that in an e-commerce site or a mobile app. With innovation in it’s DNA, Konduto was the first company to develop a mobile SDK that monitors user behavior to detect fraudulent patters, allowing m-commerce merchants to use the latest in fraud fighting technology.

Konduto’s anti-fraud solution monitors all the actions of a user since the moment they first visit your website or app. We gather data such as origin of the visit, time spent on the site, number of pages and products viewed, password or account changes, among other useful behavior data. When the order is submitted we receive the order information along with the navigation data, tracing geolocation and device fingerprint as well. All this data passes through our artificial intelligence risk engine, which calculates in less than a second the risk of an order.

Konduto has proven to reduce not only the chargeback rate, but also other key KPIs in payment processing and fraud prevention: number of orders sent for manual review, cancellation rate and the number of good orders wrongly declined (false positive). Our merchants have a significant reduction in costs, optimize their manual review operation and increase their revenues, thanks to higher approval rates.

Merchants of all industries and sizes use Konduto to fight fraud. We offer plans catered to businesses that require an online Yes/No reply, as well as merchants with their own internal manual review team. Konduto can also handle the manual review operation as well if the merchant so chooses.



 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Payment Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Machine Learning