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Kevari is fighting to win the battle against account takeover and new-account fraud. With a powerful Fraud Intelligence Platform that combines machine learning with consortium, velocity and identity networks, Kevari detects fraud signals in real time. Financial services companies rely on Kevari to protect their profitability, customer relationships, and reputation.

Location:Minneapolis, MN, United States
Founded: 2003 (As ID Insight Inc. Company became Kevari in 2022.)

Fraud Solution Profile

The Fraud Prevention You Need, Exactly As You Need It

With the Kevari Fraud Intelligence Platform, your company can harness the horsepower of holistic solutions to fight account takeover and new-account fraud, or access segmented data to augment your existing fraud systems and controls. Either way, you’ll be taking a significant step toward strengthening your fraud defenses.

Complete Solutions

Solutions for account takeover and new-account fraud are offered through Kevari via APIs or cloud-based interface. Certain solutions are also available through reseller partners such as FIS Global and Fiserv.

Segmented Data

Whether for fraud prevention, regulatory compliance purposes, or both, you have myriad options for accessing specific data elements and scoring models via our APIs. Kevari clients most often choose signals related to:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Physical address
  • IP address
  • Other non-monetary events and identity elements

Please contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.



FIS Global

Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, New Account Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine