Justt pioneered the first comprehensive chargeback management software solution to automate and tailor the  evidence collection and representment process to your specific needs, all while continuously learning from chargeback outcomes and ensuring the highest probability of winning each case with zero effort on your part.

Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2020

Fraud Solution Profile

Justt is an award winning startup that pioneered the first comprehensive chargeback management software solution in the market. The company’s advanced technology and in-house expertise successfully resolve chargebacks for merchants, automatically reuniting them with their revenue. Justt’s proprietary technology pulls the best arguments to build the most compelling defense for the merchant, and optimizes results through machine learning.

Unlike most chargeback solutions, Justt integrates directly with the PSP and automatically enhances each dispute with the strongest third-party data – all while building off your current end-user workflow.  This ensures that everything is purpose-built for your specific use cases in order to get the best possible recovery rate, every time. 

Justt is hands-free, automated, and data driven. 

As hands-free as you want it to be

Justt easily connects with your payment service provider or acquirer and can start defending chargebacks using automatically retrieved PSP data alone, making handling chargebacks nearly effortless. Everything from retrieval of chargeback data to submission of your representment to your PSP can be handled automatically by Justt. 

Right-size your chargeback mitigation to the scale you need

Whether it’s 1 or 742,301, Justt easily handles any volume of chargebacks so you never have to accept lost revenue due to chargebacks as a cost of doing business again.

Use the strongest data tailored for your cases

Our dynamic representment arguments create evidence packages that reflect your industry, user flow, and unique chargeback performance history — putting your best foot forward every time.

Improve your win rate, and your recovery rate, for good

Tap into machine learning algorithms that analyze the data from each individual chargeback and the subsequent representment results, using that insight to leverage evidence and arguments to build the most effective chargeback representments — every time.

Track your chargebacks throughout the full dispute resolution cycle with a single view

In your all-in-one dashboard, you’ll have easy access to clear performance metrics and organization-wide visibility into all your chargebacks, across all your payment service providers. The Justt Customer Hub provides detailed insights through predictive win rates on pending chargebacks and identifying high-impact contributors to win rate fluctuations.

Expertise right at your fingertips

Justt partners with you throughout your journey. From onboarding, to reviewing and helping drive chargeback program improvements, to keeping updated on the latest industry trends and compliance requirements so you don’t have to, you can always count on your partners at Justt to be there for you.





Ecommerce, Financial Services, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Chargeback & Disputes
 Fraud Type
Payment Fraud
Machine Learning