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Inscribe helps companies fight document fraud with AI by helping risk and ops teams catch more fraudulent documents without the pain of manual reviews. Automating manual reviews enables Inscribe customers to reduce fraud and credit losses while increasing customer win rates and employee efficiency — all while protecting their reputation.

Location:San Francisco, USA
Founded: 2017

Fraud Solution Profile

Inscribe combines the power of artificial intelligence with the world’s largest and most diverse network of documents in order to make invisible fraud signals, visible — and catch more than $80M in fraud each month. Inscribe’s machine learning models continue to evolve by processing millions of documents each month. So when new fraud tactics emerge, Inscribe knows about them first.

To detect fraud, Inscribe uses both document forensics and network-based detectors. Document forensics looks for things like previous document versions, inconsistent fonts, and software used to alter the document. Network-based detectors check to see if a document conforms to the expected characteristics of a Bank of America statement and compares the submitted document against our database of documents.

The effectiveness of network-based detectors relies heavily on a vast network of historical documents to compare against. Because Inscribe has spent years working with such a wide range of customers, we have the largest document network in the industry.

Inscribe assigns a trust score to every document it receives. The trust score is a measure of how much Inscribe trusts a document. It’s also a way to determine what to do with a document — auto-accept, auto-reject, or flag it for manual review. The trust score considers the severity of the fraud detected, familiarity, and whether the fraud results are anomalous.
Inscribe customers also save time and resources by automating your team’s most tedious tasks. They can extract, digitize, and verify document details like names, addresses, account numbers, and so much more — making it simple to streamline account opening or underwriting processes, and ensures compliance.

Inscribe also makes collecting customer documents easy by Minimizing the back-and-forth with customers and reducing risk exposure. Inscribe provides a secure and encrypted portal for your customers to upload and share their documents. It even ensures that the correct documents are submitted. Once documents have been uploaded, Inscribe customers receive an alert so they can keep things moving quickly.

Inscribe’s solution enables banks and lenders to accept more creditworthy customers outside of traditional methods by using a wider array of insight to understand the potential risk. Credit Analysis takes bank data and provides rich insights into money management, reducing the manual effort required by you and increasing your chances of approving more customers.

Inscribe customers love that they can get up and running instantly with the Inscribe web app. Easily upload documents and dig into the details of what’s been flagged as fraudulent and why. When they’re ready to take the burden of manual uploads and decisionsing off of their team, they can integrate our easy-to-implement API.



Ecommerce, Financial Services
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Fraud Platform
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KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine