With RiskShield we offer a multi-channel platform that detects and manages suspicious activities, minimizing losses and optimizing efficiencies using advanced analytics, machine learning and intuitive rule management controls. Banks, payment service providers, insurance & telecommunication companies across the globe rely on RiskShield as their fraud prevention and risk management decision engine.

Location:Aachen, Germany
Founded: 1969

Fraud Solution Profile

RiskShield, INFORM’s strategic financial crime-fighting software, is a proven, flexible, automated, and intelligent solution used to make smart decisions and assess risks and behavior within a wide range of channels and applications. It is a functional module that seamlessly integrates into the customers’ existing IT infrastructure. With RiskShield, INFORM offers a unique cross-functional solution designed to break down silos. RiskShield can be deployed across multiple channels and relies on Hybrid Artificial Intelligence technology, incorporating one central Fuzzy Logic-based decision server that can be common to each channel (depending on data volumes and performance requirements). Therefore, the same software (RiskShield) uses different data streams as input data and different decision logics, respectively, for each channel. Hundreds of banks, payment service providers, insurance & telecommunication companies rely on RiskShield as their fraud prevention and risk management decision engine.

The RiskShield product suite consists of 3 major components:

1) RiskShield Server serves as a real-time decision engine. It is optimized for high performance and designed to operate online in a 24×7 environment. It is triggered by the surrounding IT processing systems and processes the data to perform risk assessments and prevent fraud. It manages the fraud prevention system revisions, users, data logging, event logging etc.

2) RiskShield Client is the central application for the development and maintenance of the decision logic. RiskShield Client is used by rule experts to develop, analyze, and optimize fraud prevention systems, as well as to trace each assessment in detail.

3) RiskShield Application Center is a convenient and user-friendly interface for RiskShield end-users, such as fraud and financial crime investigators, data analysts, as well as fraud and business analysts. Providing different applications in one platform, RiskShield Application Center supports the modular approach inherent to RiskShield.

Depending on the scope and organizational configuration, RiskShield Application Center users have access to:

  • RiskShield Case Management
  • RiskShield List Management
  • RiskShield Rule Management
  • RiskShield Network Visualization
  • RiskShield Server Management

With industry experience gained over many years, best practice knowledge-based rules are implemented to detect and prevent fraud and other illegal activity within the payment, online transaction and insurance claims environments. As data pools grow, machine learning can step in to enhance risk and fraud detection capabilities and help identify new modus operandi.  This Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approach takes the best of the knowledge-based and machine learning worlds to create a powerful financial crime fighting strategy.

As most institutions have existing prevention solutions in place, the INFORM approach allows for gradual migration from a multi-channel, multi-purpose solution environment to a more resource and cost-effective multi-channel single-solution endpoint. A decision for RiskShield enables the customer to develop a multi-channel solution and to obtain one holistic view on any potential intrusion on the financial institution’s integrity and fraud risk exposure.

Zurich Insurance
ING Bank
Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Fraud & AML Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, KYC & AML, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud
Machine Learning, Rules Engine