iDenfy is an identity verification company that helps businesses comply with regulations and directives. Online ID verification service powered by artificial intelligence and human supervision care minimizes fraud. iDenfy supports over 2000 different types of identity documents in 200+ countries and territories.



Location:Kaunas, Lithuania
Founded: 2017

Fraud Solution Profile

Mission is to provide an efficient and simple system to help detect fraudulent activity online by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and an in-house manual review team. 

iDenfy – makes identity verification and fraud prevention tools easily accessible, affordable and user friendly to businesses of all types and sizes.

iDenfy could help to:

  • Comply with latest KYC/AML regulations;
  • Scan & extract customers’ data from documents seamlessly;
  • Inspect the validity and authenticity of the document;
  • Upload and check additional documents, like bank statements, birth certificates and others;
  • Run customers’ data through anti-money laundering & law enforcement databases;
  • Verify age of your customer;
  • Recognize the face of the person in real time and match it with the document in seconds;
  • Check if the person is actually present at the time of verification and protect from any spoofing attacks;
  • Prevent fraud, minimize chargeback rates;
  • White-label the whole process so it would look native for your customers;
  • Optimize onboarding budget with a clear pricing structure .

Customer Types

iDenfy customers are a business that needs to onboard their customers online. We have more than 250 customers from all over the world that are from financial, crypto, gambling, mobility, e-commerce, adult and other industries. 

Our identity verification helps to comply with regulations like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) requirements. 


Bank Of Lithuania
4 Finance

Ecommerce, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
 Fraud Type
KYC & AML, Payment Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication