Gemini Advisory

Gemini Advisory provides data-driven Fraud Threat Intelligence that allows clients to prevent fraud before it even occurs. Our reGemini Platform’s unparalleled dark web coverage can identify up to 90% of compromised cards within hours of data breaches, issue daily CPP alerts, and maintain real-time visibility into corporate exposure.

Location:Miami, FL, United States
Founded: 2017

Fraud Solution Profile

Gemini Advisory’s Fraud Threat Intelligence

Our fraud threat intelligence capabilities combine macro data and analytical expertise to provide unparalleled coverage of the dark web. We offer insight and actionable solutions through the reGemini Platform, Forum Monitoring, and Intelligence Reports that can make your organization more informed and better prepared to mitigate the latest fraud threats from the cybercriminal underground.

reGemini Platform

Our reGemini Platform maps criminal activity across dark web forums and marketplaces through unmatched data collection capabilities. Macro data allows clients to explore major breaches and determine institutions’ exposure levels from particular breaches, while precision data for each stolen payment card can prevent specific instances of fraud. Clients can identify up to 90% of compromised card assets within hours of data breaches, well in advance of Compromised Account Management System (CAMS) alerts. The reGemini Platform will allow you to prevent fraud before it even occurs.

Magecart Overwatch

Magecart monitoring services provide near real-time visibility into newly breached e-commerce domains around the world. After we identify a breached e-commerce domain, we continue monitoring to provide a full window of exposure. Our public reporting has already identified thousands of sites exposed via Magecart attacks; our private reporting gives you more comprehensive, immediate, and actionable intelligence.

Intelligence Reports

Our intelligence reports, written by seasoned Subject Matter Experts, provide detailed information on specific breaches, cybercriminal trends, threat actor profiles, and disruptions to the underground economy. Real-time forum monitoring on even the most highly vetted cybercriminal forums allows both analysts and clients to observe criminal activity as it unfolds. By providing the context in addition to the intelligence, clients are better positioned to design mitigation policies that anticipate new fraud schemes, attack vectors, and cybercriminal areas of interest.

The Gemini Edge

Gemini’s superior data, cutting-edge tools, and sophisticated insight into the underground economy put our entire focus behind identifying and eliminating compromised assets at scale from criminal marketplaces before fraud occurs. This doesn’t just allow for the possibility to eliminate fraud, but it also damages the reputations of the criminal actors targeting payment card data and the marketplaces that sell it. Modernize your fraud prevention through the proven intelligence of Gemini Advisory to safeguard your organizations’ assets.


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Ecommerce, Financial Services
 Primary Functionality
Identity & Verification
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Account Takeover, Payment Fraud