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FUGU provides a new breed of payment fraud and chargeback liability solution, decoupling payment acceptance from verification by continually monitoring post-checkout transactions. Our AI-driven multi-tier system addresses diverse fraud types across the transaction lifecycle—onboarding, payment, and returns. This empowers Merchants and Payment Providers to confidently accept transactions they currently reject.

Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
Founded: 2019

Fraud Solution Profile

FUGU’s unique ability to monitor and analyze risk signals over time covers a variety of fraud patterns including stolen identities, account takeovers, bots, friendly fraud and most importantly new and emerging fraud patterns. Today FUGU protects Merchants and Payment Providers globally such as HYP a leading Payment Service Provider in Israel, Wunschgutschein a well-known digital voucher issuer in Germany and Western Europe, Bepensa owned quick service delivery brand in Mexico and many more to safely accept transactions.

Our unique multi-tier payment protection monitors various points along the transaction lifecycle including the customer behavior post-checkout. Overseeing a wide set of unique data points including website visits, submissions and searches, support chat threads, email interactions, transaction, and KYC outputs.

Each new risk signal is added to the transaction interaction trail vector containing hundreds of user, transaction and device related data points scored for the overall Sentiment, Stability, Cooperation, Coherency, Trackability and History.

Early Threat Detection
FUGU monitors users sessions and activities well before the payment. Device Fingerprinting, IP/Geolocation, web page interactions are closely monitored to uncover early threats.

Initial Risk Profiling
Relating each payment to a configurable risk scenario indicates different levels of verification requirements, if any, and routes orders to different fulfilment methods. When a potential threat is identified, FUGU allows the acceptance of payment and marks the order for further verification

Payment Monitoring & KYC Automation
Continuous payment monitoring and automated KYC procedures alert to abnormal transaction changes, customer interactions including the Liveness and Selfies, credit card scans, ID Scans, age verifications, proof of residence and Customer Signatures. FUGU’s process integration and automation allows direct update of the order status based on the risk analysis.

Dynamic Risk Scoring
Alerting on fraudulent transactions right before shipment based on the customer’s extended interaction trail.

Return Fraud & Chargeback Management
Long after the payment, in the unfortunate case of a customer filing an unjustified chargeback or false claims during a return, the customer’s entire interaction trail is available as representable documents and evidence ready to challenge it.
The results are:

  • Higher approval rates powered by unintrusive monitoring throughout the payment lifecycle
  • Stop more fraud with unprecedent accuracy
  • Fewer checkout abandonment caused by unnecessary friction in the payment process
  • Approve more new customers securely
  • Significantly lower false declines

FUGU in your Business:

  • 100% Chargeback Guarantee backed by Munich Re the world’s largest reinsurer
  • Dynamic Fraud Scoring
  • Customizable Scenarios & Rules
  • Automated KYC Verification
  • Customer Threat and Sentiment Analysis (Audio and Text)
  • PEP & Sanctions Lists Screening
  • Chargeback Management


1. Standard API integration
2. Embed our JavaScript on your web pages
3. Copy and paste our email tracking pixel into your email templates sent to customers

FUGU is also pre-integrated into leading eCommerce solutions such as Shopify, Magento, VTEX, and so many more.


JD Sports
Bepensa Mexico
Cacco Japan Fraud Prevention
Xbo.com Crypto
Hyp Payment Gateway


 Primary Functionality
Fraud & AML Platform
 Fraud Type
Account Takeover, Call Center Fraud, KYC & AML, Loyalty or Promo Abuse, New Account Fraud, Payment Fraud, Synthetic Identity Fraud
Behavioral Biometrics, Biometrics, Machine Learning, Multi-Factor Authentication, Rules Engine