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Our mission at FRISS is to make insurance more honest.With over 300 implementations around the world, FRISS is the leading provider of Trust Automation solutions for P&C insurers. Real-time, data-driven scores and insights give instant confidence and understanding of the inherent risks of all customers and interactions.

Location:Utrecht, Netherlands
Founded: 2006

Fraud Solution Profile

Based on next generation technology, the Trust Automation Platform allows you to confidently manage trust throughout the insurance value chain – from the first quote all the way through claims and investigations when needed.

Thanks to FRISS, trust is normalized throughout the organization, enabling consistent processes to flag high risks in real time.

  • FRISS Commercial Underwriting: Combine the power of data analytics and unprecedented speed to enable your commercial underwriters with 100% actionable insights and information they can trust.
  • FRISS Personal Lines Underwriting: Assess all policy risks in real time and facilitate easy decision making to grow a profitable and trustworthy portfolio and to increase efficient interactions with customers.
  • FRISS Claims: Make real time claim decisions based on real time data to pay out legitimate claims in minutes and instantly flag those ones that are potentially fraudulent for investigation.
  • FRISS Compliance: Easily identify who you are doing business with and ensure these customers are legitimate. Avoid reputation loss and financial penalties with automated CDD & KYC.
  • FRISS Investigations:Provide your investigators with a no-code case management core solution for quick and efficient investigations to streamline day-to-day SIU processes.
 Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
 Fraud Type
Machine Learning, Rules Engine