Our mission at FRISS is to make insurance more honest. Today’s digital world is a fraudster paradise, yet an insurer nightmare. And with 18% of all claims said to contain elements of fraud, it is not a victimless crime. We protect insurers by enabling safe digital transformation to make insurance more honest, grow healthy portfolios and increase customer satisfaction.

HQ: Utrecht, Netherlands

Founded: 2006

Fraud Solution Profile


With over 200 implementations, FRISS is recognized globally as the leading provider of AI-powered fraud detection and prevention software for the P&C (property and casualty) industry. As the longest operating dedicated provider, FRISS has diligently evolved to meet the changing needs of their customers, especially as the industry enters the accelerated change of the digital age of insurance. No other company offers the depth of experience and holistic focus on fraud detection and prevention found at FRISS. FRISS customers appreciate their unique focus on insurance fraud prevention and the dedication they show to their customers’ success.


  • Automate risk assessment to get a standardized, real-time, unbiassed and holistic view of risks at policy request, renewals, and claims. Leverage the power of predictive models, image analysis, network viewing capabilities, geolocation and more. Seamlessly integrate these in real-time in your day-to-day operations. Transfer flagged cases to special investigations. Increase your bottom line savings up to 10 times.


  • Pay out legitimate claims faster. Minimize false positives to spend time on cases that matter. Reduce fraud losses. Improve the customer experience. Onboard good customers in a split second. Be compliant with rules and regulations. Grow healthy insurance portfolios and create moments of magic for your sincere customers. For commercial and personal lines.
Primary Functionality
Fraud Platform
Fraud Type
Machine Learning, Rules Engine