Fraudio’s mission is to connect payment service providers, merchant acquirers, issuers, and other players in the payments chain to a powerful, centralized, AI / smart brain. Using this Plug & Protect Fraudio technology platform, customers are protected from payment fraud, merchant fraud and money laundering.

Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded: 2019

Fraud Solution Profile

Is a pioneering cloud-based, SaaS solution designed to fight complex payment fraud and financial crime by using artificial intelligence, machine learning and multi-dataset network effects

Latest Generation in Fraud Detection & Prevention Technology

So far there are three generations of this technology:

  1. First-generation solutions rely heavily on rule-based systems making it easy for fraudsters to learn the rules, circumvent and navigate through the protection.
  2. Second-generation uses data science and machine learning, but its learning is limited to the data-sets that are siloed.
  3. Fraudio is the third and latest generation in fraud solutions as it uses patented AI to connect datasets from all customers into a centralised super-model resulting in 40% more effective fraud detection and 15x more effective than a card scheme solution.

First and second-generation solutions require substantial customization with each customer, are very costly, require multi-year contracts, and include slow, expensive integrations.

Benefits of using Fraudio as a third-generation solution:

  • Seamless fully managed, cloud-hosted API integration
  • Truly scalable solution
  • Fast and easy integration
  • Multi dataset network effect and high-performance models
  • Pioneering Patent – plug into our API and get protection from the most cutting-edge patented AI

Customer Types

PSP or Acquirer

With this essential add-on feature to Fraudio’s transaction fraud tool – Merchants are under the AI microscope. Customers can manage their existing merchant portfolio with confidence knowing our merchant fraud detection tool is monitoring, comparing and assessing every merchant transaction, and profiling their behavioural patterns from day one. Leveraging the power of AI, networked datasets and powerful cloud computing customers are immediately alerted of merchants’ fraudulent behaviour while minimising false positives. Fraudio looks for normal activity and spots anomalies, identifying underlying trends that suggest risky merchant behaviour. Then sends alerts in real time and reports when necessary.

Issuer or Bank

Fraudio’s AML tool monitors transaction streams for anomalies that indicate emergent and multi-dimensional money laundering. Fraudio does this across shared datasets – expanding on customers’ siloed datasets and improving their ability to detect money laundering by giving access to the ‘bigger picture’. Utilising AI based peer and cluster analysis across Fraudio’s vast and diverse transaction and merchant datasets, this cutting edge technology adds immediate value by complementing a hybrid compliance strategy.

Free Proof of Results

The Proof of Results (PoR) process allows potential customers to test Fraudio’s solution and see real fraud detection results in the context of their company — it costs nothing and it’s obligation-free.

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